Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Morning Coffee and Collage

Starting my day with some coffee
and sketching is a winning combination.
Linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth

I thought I'd share this double page spread
with you, and try to arrange the scans
side by side in the post.  Either the limitations
of Blogger, or the limitations of the blogger (me!)
will not let me arrange them that way.
Some days things just don't work out the
way you had hoped.  And sometimes a 
bit of a 'shake up' is good for the
variety of life! 

The entire two pages will not fit onto

my scanner at once. Above you can see

how the pages fit together.  I am actually
rather pleased with the 'empty' space on
the left, (shown in the first image on the
 left) which allows the layers of papers
and colors to show through. It is so
 difficult for me not to fill up every
inch of space with images! Click on
any image for a closer look.

The days are getting cooler.
 I've been enjoying the gorgeous
blue skies and temperatures in the
70's and low 80's F. this week.
I remind myself to appreciate being
able to walk outside. It won't be long
before it will seem too cold. Perhaps
this will be the year I bundle up despite
the cold and walk outside in the winter.
Maybe. In the meantime, I love to 
see fall color emerging.  And I do
enjoy the Halloween season.
Stay tuned for some fun Halloween
projects and decorations next month!



  1. Lovely spread! I am amazed at all the creativeness of the T Tuesday gang. Happy T-Day!

  2. Coffe and art is good at any time of the day! Love your journal pages, and the face is really exceptional, just beautiful. I often have problems getting things as I want on Blogger, but I like to think it's not my fault! Have a great week and a happy T day, hugs, Valerie

  3. Super journal pages Dianne! I agree with you on the left side staying the way it is, but I also know what you mean about the desire to mark it all up....LOL

    I think, or rather know, I live in the wrong climate......I LOVE the cool brisk weather......even the cold really doesn't bother me......as long as I can come inside and get warm....*grin*

    Happy T-day and I will pass on the congrats to the GDs....thank you!

  4. wow, I Love your face - Beautiful! thanks for your very kind comments on my blog x

  5. This is a beautiful journalspread. Love the face, and how you applied washi-tape to the side of it. And you're right: sometimes less is more ....

  6. I love the face (really beautiful) and the journal page! Your lettering is always a joy to see! I do think blogger has a mind of it's own - i often have photos jumping all over the place!! Happy T day! Chris

  7. lovely work as usual Dianne! Love that sweet portrait. And I hear you about posting the pics side by side! I've managed to get it to happen a few times but that's it-haven't been able to do it lately...happy T day!

  8. Beautiful spread and gorgeous face!! Good job...love the softness off it all!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Lovely soft colours and a such a pretty face - love her swirling hair.
    Alison x

  10. Getting my pictures to show up where I want them on blogger can be very frustrating! I like your spread. Happy T Tuesday!

  11. The girl is just beautiful! I love the colors and the empty space is perfect.
    It is the simple things that make life so wonderful. Happy T-Day! :)

  12. What a stunning double page. They complement each other. The face is beautiful. I love how you did the hair and I love the colours.
    Have a good week,

  13. It's not you Dianne. It's how the width of your blog page is set up and the size of the images you chose. I learned a LONG time ago how to create images side by side, but only tried it once, and it's quite tricky. It's not just the simple side by side way you would think it would be. I decided YEARS ago it was too much trouble to do it, since it involves writing a bit of HTML code when trying to put the two together. Like you, several of my books don't fit on the scanner properly, so I just take a left and right image, and sometimes a middle one, too. You did a marvelous job, and leaving the bit of white space makes us appreciate the beauty of the woman's face even more.

    Speaking of beautiful girl, she is a gem, and I simply adore her soft and sweet face and expression. Thanks for sharing your lovely lady and your coffee with us for T this Tuesday. Yes, I'm late getting here, but, like Halle, I've also been running all day!

  14. I'm really liking the composition of this spread, it just all works so well, the black and white dots immediately pull my eyes to the focus of the page, the beautiful girl. Her hair looks gorgeous, and I love the colour of blue down the left side of the face. I would have to say this is now a favourite of mine.

  15. Fabulous artwork and I really love your face especially and the colours..... Gill x

  16. Oh wow Dianne.. I adore your spread..the face is so super and the collaged background is fascinating to it! I also love your fall painting....

    You are such a great artist !
    Sorry that I am so much behind T-Day...

    nearly better to wish a good weekend --lol!

  17. Beautiful!!! There's a story to that person to be "felt" or "heard" behind the beautiful face (somehow woven into the journal pages), that shines through and makes this more than just a "neat drawing". Just beautiful! x

  18. Love your style Dianne, just beautiful work! Love your face. Thanks so much for joining Show Your Face and for the shout out too. Kx


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