Friday, September 18, 2015

Listen To The Page

Do you listen to the page?
That's what  I  had in mind for an
Art Journal page.  But today it just
wasn't happening.  Probably because
the materials in front of me call out
to be used, reacted to. What was
laying out in my work space was scraps 
of complex doodles. Responding to the
shapes, colors, movement of lines,
texture of motifs and the spaces between
the must listen to what the
page is telling you.  There is always
the next piece for minimal. 

Marblehead Lighthouse, Lake Erie, OH

There are also
drawings and collages in my 
Sometimes I make sketches about
what we did or where we went...

sometimes there is a general impression
of a hectic, chaotic day. Regular
 visitors to this blog know that I
have several journals in process
 at the same time.  How about you?

Above is a sneak peak of a tutorial
for an Art Journal page. I will
post it on Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015.
Stop by for step-by-step instructions
on how I created the journal page!

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  1. Great pages, as always! I especially love "laugh" :)

  2. I am in complete and total AWE of that lighthouse. It is beyond words. I'm speechless. You draw SO well.

    I like that chaotic page, too. It fits you well.

    And NO, I don't have any journals going, unless you count my puny calendar. But I have certainly made a few and continue to make them, too.

  3. Great pages. So often they develop in a way we just didn't expect :)

  4. I love your "sorta" minimal page Dianne! And spending time with you today!
    Looking forward to your upcoming tutorial too. Oh - and I don't do minimal....not even sure what that means...?! Ha! Bunny.

  5. thanks for visiting and leaving a little word on my blog.
    to be honest: I already flashed on your thumnail on Julie's blog but although I visited I didn't leave a trace....I repair that today because I do really love what I see in this post! Lighthouses always speak to me....but I love the airy look on your pages and the light colours!


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