Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Self-Portrait and a Verse

The prompt last week for 
The Documented Life Project~ The Journal
was a self-portrait.  The guest artist was
Pam Carriker, who did a painting with
graphite, white and black paint. 

 I decided to try the monochromatic
technique she demonstrated.  I think
it does resemble me, but people tell
me they think of me as usually smiling.
  However,  it is difficult to maintain
 a smile while you're painting yourself, 
so that's why the serious expression. 
Would you recognize me in a dark alley?

I do recommend practicing self-portraits...
you can work from a photo or a mirror
(as I did) and it really doesn't matter if
the drawing ends up looking like you.
Getting practice drawing faces is
the main idea, and you are always
available to model!

I came across a beautiful image
of an antique sampler on Pinterest,
and decided to write down the
verse in one of my journals, along
with some of the motifs on the sampler.
I'm afraid life as a 'lady' in 1727 was
very restricted. I am not quite sure what
the phrase "modes of France" means,
other than British and American 
conservative Christian homes thought 
of French society as the height of
decadence and indulgence...?

I love the old angels on samplers 
and graveyard stones,
but I did 'pretty her up' a bit...

Linking up with T Tuesday
over at Altered Book Lover...
sipping my coffee and recycling
an image of a tea cup for my
beverage this morning.


  1. I think "modes of France" would be the latest styles, designs, lifestyles, etc., maybe? Yes, I agree it sounds like a limiting life, and I'm thinking time for tea and art would've been limited for the lower classes. I like the design on the tea picture :) Happy T Tuesday!

  2. Great post with lovely art. Your self portrait is good, I would recognize you in a well lit alley! I think 'Modes of France' refers to the French fashions, which were often considered to frivolous for well brought up lady....Have a great week, happy T day, Valerie

  3. that is one amazing self portrait Dianne! I do imagine you smile a lot though. Not something I'm near ready to try although removing wrinkles would be fun:):) Lovely journal page too. Happy T day!

  4. It would take more than a demo I'm afraid to get me to draw a portrait anywhere near resembling a human, let alone me, LOL!

    I always admire and am inspired by your colorful journal collages--gave it a try myself this week!

    Hope you have a happy T day!

  5. What a lovely portrait and I can imagine that you were concentrating to get great results like that and not focusing so much on smiling.
    Your angel is quite wonderful too along with the verse.
    Happy T Day Dianne oxo

  6. The modes of France would be the ways or manners of France or the French, I believe.
    Funny how young girls were made to sew samplers...and often learn piano or harpsichord...and were expected to sing for company. Awk!
    Lovely rendition and pretty angel. And the tea page is so cute! Happy T-Day!! :)

  7. I actually like this photo of you better than your current icon. It makes you look sexy, yet smart. Had to laugh about practicing faces. I can't even copy, much less draw. But I don't claim to be able to, either, since I have other skills. Can't name any at the moment, but I know I have them (grin).

    The angel is gorgeous and that looks like a sampler some girl would have to recreate. Too bad they didn't have a chance to learn math and science, though, as I'm sure some, even the French, would have been good at it!.

    Thanks for sharing your art and your gorgeous face with us for T this Tuesday.

  8. Well i like your self portrait! I guess it would be difficult to maintain an exact smile for so long... Good advice! Happy Tday!! Hugs! deb

  9. Your self portrait is so good Dianne. I am yet to try this week's challenge
    Happy Tuesday

  10. Hello Dianne and Happy T Day a little late. How pretty your portrait is, so good too! I want to draw faces, should practice more to help. I'm linked up this week after a long time away, nice to see the T day gang again.

    It's September and feels like summer, HOT HOT HOT!! The a/c is cranked on high and I'm hiding inside again today,lol. Hope you are doing well. xo

  11. i agree: this Portrait is more beautiful than the Icon in your Profile. you definitely improved your skills! the angel is awesome too and of course the tea page!

  12. All three pieces are super Dianne! I always love to see your art!
    Happy T-Day !

  13. Wonderful portrait! You must draw all the time. Your skills are very honed.

  14. Hi, happy belated T Day. Nice job on your portrait. "Modes of French" is just an English translation of "la mode française," meaning "French fashion." To each her own, but I would rather spend my time reading good books and doing needlework (and other art) than keeping up with high fashion. Maybe I should stitch a copy of that sampler, LOL!

  15. Belated T-day wishes, sorry I'm so late in returning your visit.

    Great self portrait and yes, I think I would recognize you.....if you stayed in black and white....*grin* I too, think tis is better than your icon drawing.

    I'm afraid I wouldn't have done so well back then, I'm not much of a lady......more like Jo in Little Women...LOL

    Have a great week....what's left of it.

  16. Great drawing. Reading good books and needlework? Guess I'd have fit right in. I read and knit a lot these days.



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