Friday, August 28, 2015

Ash Trees Are Dying

The Ash trees in Ohio are dying,
thanks to the Emerald Ash Borer.
It is an invasive species from Asia
which I believe has been 
dispersing from Canada.

I helped my parents clean up and pile
firewood from an Ash tree in their yard.
I like to be outside and get some 
exercise, I enjoy that. But it is sad
to see the results of this insect
decimate our Ash trees.  They
have spread to all counties in
Ohio except one. ( and that may
  be outdated information?)
The drawing is from a photo on
the internet. Did I mention that I
am not fond of creepy crawlies?

there are insecticide treatments. 
The time required, costs and mixed
effectiveness make fighting the insect
a difficult decision for the land
 owner. Often the tree doesn't
exhibit signs of a problem until the
insect has done significant damage.

So many of the trees are becoming
firewood for the winter.  Sad...

Another journal page...

As the late summer days have been
cool here in Ohio (though I hear the
80's will be back again next week)
I need to get out and enjoy the 
weather while it's still nice!
So I'm off for a walk as soon
as I hit the Publish button.

By the way, linking up with
over at Balzer Designs. Julie has a
gorgeous post up about art journal
pages without any writing.

What have you been up to?


  1. Oh Dianne, that really IS sad. That's what happened in KS with the elm trees. We have very few elms anymore because of the disease.

    Thank you for offering to send e-mail pictures of masks, but I think I'll pass. I don't use ink whenever I can help it. I save it for the words and phrases I incorporate into my ABs and journal. But it was very sweet of you to think of me with this offer, anyway.

    Thanks for the link. I'm going to have to see what Julie has about not using words on the page. That's my kind of journal!

  2. We have 3 ash trees in our yard...we know the day will come when they will come down due to the infestation. They've been spotted in many areas surrounding us.

  3. So sad to see this happening to trees - my parents in Mississippi lost their dogwoods several years ago due to a similar event. Lovely journal pages you have though!

  4. love your pages, and the drawings of the insects. It seems like all the trees are getting some kind of disease, we hired a arborist for our tree, it has a disease, it may not survive.

  5. Beautiful page! Love this colors. Hugs

  6. So sad about the Ash trees! But I love seeing your journal pages.

  7. Lovely sketches with notes, the pages speak for themselves.

  8. Love the borders and artwork in your journals! Sad to hear about the Ash trees. We had a similar invasion a few years back from Bark Beetles. Nasty things, those beetles.

  9. Beautiful artwork around your journaling as usual. Sorry about your trees. It is terrible how much damage invasive plants and animals are doing to native habitats.


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