Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Why Do I Need 'Labels?'

Do you take the time to add 'Labels' or 'Categories' in your post settings?  

Labeled: T Tuesday, watercolor, Art Journal Pages

For quite a while, I didn't. Because I didn't really understand what they are for.  After a bit of research online, I am starting to 'get it.'  I think.

Categories (or Labels) that are added to each of your blog posts, help your readers search for more posts on a particular topic.  

In the right margin (Side Bar) of my blog is a 'Search This Blog' Feature. Type in a word, hit the Search button, and all posts labeled with that word/topic will come up in a list.  There are more Labels on my posts than are shown in the Categories list.  If you don't see what you're looking for in the Categories list, use the Search box.

The list of Categories includes the main topics (or descriptions) of post content that I've created.  Click on any Category and all posts with that theme/description will be listed.  Then you can click on and read any in the list that interest you. I've reduced the number of topics to 15 or so, just so it doesn't get ridiculous!

There are quite a few in the 'Collage', 'Art Journal Pages', and 'Watercolor' categories!

I've labeled my 'T Tuesday' posts too. 51 of them!

It's a simple tool to help your readers focus on a topic, and a good way to make your blog a bit more organized.  Different blog hosting sites may be organized differently. Since I use Blogger, my Labels are shown on the right as I create each new post.  (I chose to use the word Categories in the Side Bar on my actual Blog Page) If you forget to add Labels (like I often do) you can always go back and Edit to add them.

If you understand Labels differently, or have more information to add, please leave a comment.  I am always interested in your opinions, and getting feedback about Blogging helps keep me learning. That's a good thing!

Linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth for T Tuesday.
Join us for a beverage, or just to see what we are up to!

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  1. Dianne, I linked you because I saw you had commented but were not linked.

  2. When I first started, I tried to keep the number of labels to about like you with only about 15 or so. As time passed, I noticed I added more and more, and I still don't have enough, especially when I am looking for something specific that I have written. Even though I try to keep things very general, I'm sure as time passes you'll agree that you will need a few more labels, too.

    Yes, labels are very good. They help others navigate your blog and they help you navigate your own blog. As long as you've been blogging, you seem to have a handle on the number of categories you have chosen. I was surprised you list your labels/categories by the number of posts, rather than in alphabetical order, something I find hard to navigate. I was also surprised to see there were so many labeled watercolor. I would think journal pages or collage would top the list. One label you should add is TUTORIAL, because you have offered so many. And because you are a mixed media artist, you might want to add that, too. And don't I remember you sometimes share scrapbook pages you have created? Then there's stamps and stamping. I could go on and on, but I'll let you decide if you should add more labels/categories to your sidebar.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on labels with us this Tuesday. I know many of us use them, and most of us have lots of labels. Thanks, also for these lovely pictures of your drink related art. It is always fun to see your drink on paper, whether it's a watercolor, mixed media, or collage.

  3. Love your art pieces, with the various beverages and mugs, coffee seems to be your fave drink, too. I knew what the labels are for, but must confess I am too lazy to use them. Have a lovely week, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. WOW, your art always takes my breath away. I love the style very very much and wish I could emulate it. I know it takes lo-oads of practise, but I believe it also takes an innate ability, which I know I do not have. That's not a fishing expedition, it's just a fact of life.
    I use Labels on my blog. The ones related to the current post are under the comments but the WHOLE collection are at the very bottom of the blog. I find them very useful on peoples blogs. I also have, and like, the 'Search this blog' function. If I've been to a blog that I know has some info I'd like to recap, then I can search easily.
    Happy T Day. Enjoy your beverages - you have lots of choice, lol :D

  5. As always, your drawings are just awesome!Your tutorial about creating a journal page inspired me, and I will show one soon!

    I almost always forget to add labels--it would now be very monumental to go back and do it. It certainly would be helpful to me in finding previous posts--especially T Day ones which I don't always remember to add something to the title so I know what it is about. These are great tips, and I guess I could start now.

  6. Really wonderful art and illustrations Dianne! I even did some pages using your last tutorial while I was on vacation and thoroughly enjoyed creating them-so thank you. I add labels when I'm creating my post and editing but I don't have anything on the side bar. Guess that would help:) You know more than I do about this. I still have to grab my son to help me add things. Happy T day!

  7. Hi Dianne!!! Great art this week. I used to use labels all of the time and then got away from it just kept forgetting to do it and it is so simple . I must try to get back in the habits again especially since I am doing more challenges again and it helps to keep them grouped for others who follow the same challenges.

  8. Your wonderful artwork always draws me in dear Dianne!
    I realized a couple years into blogging that I got Categories and Tags (as they are called on WordPress) mixed up so everything on my blog is under Categories. Oh well it is a wonder that I have a blog at all with as little as I know techie wise ;-)
    I really appreciate a good Search feature.
    Thanks for sharing today and Happy T Day

  9. I use some labels, and they are helpful. I know I could be more organized with it, but I got to a certain point and them just settled into that system. Happy T Tuesday! :)

  10. What a great collection of drink related drawings. I enjoyed them. I use labels, maybe too many of them. I actually use them for myself if I want to go back and find something. For instance, I try to post my knitting projects on my blog so I have a record of them and when I label them "knitting" I can go back to the posts without searching everywhere.


  11. Oh I've never put tags, labels or categories on my posts. Didn't quite know what that was.... Thank you for sharing your thoughts on those. I have been kicked into action. I will see if I can retrospectively add them.... (Can I?)
    Thanks for visiting,

  12. Great sketching and pages as always Dianne! Adorable art.
    I use labels as well but often I forget to label my posts I confess..

    Happy T-Day!

  13. Happy T-day! Thanks for leaving me a comment this week.

    Such great art works on this post, love them all!! Do I label my posts?? I did for a long time, when I was doing DT work, but have fallen out of the habit. I really need to do it for myself, as I was looking for something for the 2nd time around and was wishing "then" that I had stayed with the habit......LOL

    Have a great week.

  14. Nope i don't label my posts... Love your art journal pages!! Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  15. These drawings are wonderful! That apple looks good enough to eat!

    Labels/Categories are tricky, I think. I´m on my fourth blog in 7 years or so and every time I set up again I have done it a bit differently. It´s like organizing, every one has their way of sorting things. I do prefer to limit the number of labels as much as I can, but I´m not sure that´s really helpful to the reader. Or maybe it depends on the reader, too.

    Happy T Day!

  16. Lovely, lovely drawings, as usual. Wow!
    Me--I don't add labels. I don't even title my posts--LOL! When I started my blog back in 2006 I began because I had moved away from friends and family, my health was bad, and I could write once so everybody would know I was okay. Well, everybody who had the internet back then. So, I began them like I do my letters--Date, day, and time. Since Blogger puts up the date they have day and time and that's it. I was too OCD to change it over the years. Besides, it is like I am writing each of you a letter and I like to still think of it that way.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  17. Your drawings of the coffee mugs are lovely. Yes you are right about the Labels. I'm not an expert with all the features wish I were, I wanted to change my header but I know for me it's going to take a whole day. Hope to do it one of these days
    Happy Tuesday

  18. I love your sketches! As for labels - I used to label but had seen others naming products used and then did that myself until I began to wonder why ....maybe I need to look at labelling again! Belalated Happy T day! Chrisx

  19. Fantastic pages. I've given some thought to the labels and categories as well. I tag things in WP but there are also categories which I have left blank. Sometimes I think about going thru and changing things but with well over 1000 posts that would be horrible!!!!

  20. Sorry for taking so long to visit you but it has been one of those weeks and only now squeezing in some visits.Love your pages.Gorgeous!I don't like labels much.Love your post!Have a magical Sunday!


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