Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Art Journal Pages: Drawing my Food

Everyone draws their food when they go 
to a restaurant, don't they?!  One of the
waitresses came over to see what I was 
working on, but I had barely started drawing
my red water glass.  I think she remembered
me from when I drew the turtle planter in 
their restaurant...

The table top presented difficulties.  It was
a carved surface with glass over it.  Glass is
always a challenge, with shadows, reflections,
and whatever is sitting on it...hopefully you
get the idea.  I really could have eaten that
whole basket of chips by myself!
Drawing in Sharpie pen, with watercolor
pencil and water applied after I returned home.

More pages in the 
"On Again~Off Again Journal...

I take along my art bag when we are taking
a road trip.  Hubby drives, and I happily 
paste scraps of paper and doodles into
whatever journal happens to fit into the
stuffed bag.  My watercolor pencils, water brush,
and Sharpie pen are necessities,
and a few highlighter markers wouldn't
go amiss either. They can brighten up
a page considerably!

Above, the atc I sent to Elizabeth,
made from some of my doodle-painted
paper, and a little tea cup that I drew
and glued onto the background.
It felt good to make some mini~art!

You may have noticed that I added a 
new page to this blog for Tutorials.
  To go to the Tutorials page, 
click on the tea cup at the top
of the side bar on the right.
There are only a few tutorials so far, but I 
hope to add more. Stay tuned!

Linking up for the T Tuesday
blog hop over at 
Bleubeard and Elizabeth's.
There's always time for tea!


  1. Amazing pages and your ATC for E. is so beautiful! Thank you for the tutorial part- I will check it out - thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! ♥♥♥
    Happy T-Day

  2. THANK YOU! the beautiful ATC is in my possession..my word you are a gift of colou, it's a joy to look at.I love how you just go ahead and draw..in pen first - no pencil and eraser for you! And I think that drawing the basket of chips was frankly, a genius way of avoiding the over indulging thing!

  3. Sorry Dianne. I don't draw my food, and I don't draw at restaurants or even in the quiet of my home. I leave that to experts like you who make this artform so special.

    I'm so glad you have shared your tutorials. I've learned so much and now they will all be in one spot. Thanks also for the incredible ATC. You know how happy I was to receive it.

    And finally, thanks for sharing all this FOOD and other related art with us for T this Tuesday.

  4. I like that you sent a tea-themed ATC to Elizabeth :)

    I don't draw my food, no. Sometimes I take its picture, though :)

    I'm starting through your tutorials from top to bottom. Thx!

  5. Your ATC for Elizabeth could not have been more perfect Dianne...an original you!
    Let's face it you could and do draw everything brilliantly :-)
    Just recently I came upon the envelope you mailed me my India Tip-in in. It was much too good to throw away. Both the tip-in and the envelope are fabulous!!! Where has the time gone!
    Wishing you a Happy T Day
    and Happy August too oxo

  6. Hmm... no, I don't draw at restaurants... perhaps I should. There is always some waiting (for food) to deal with.
    Love your ATC. I commented on Bluebeard and Elizabeth's blogpost too.
    When I'm done with the comments I'm going to have a look at your tutorials. And then perhaps I'll be drawing in the restaurant too!
    Thanks for visiting earlier,

  7. Great drawings!!! I would be too busy eating to even begin drawing my food :) and the hubs would think I was nuttier if I tried drawing at restaurant . He's already declared me totally nuts :)

  8. Your drawings are fabulous! I am finding it easier to ignore things like chips since I started on the Choose to Change programme - we have a food diary and seeing it written down just made me think about what I eat!! Happy T day, Chrisx

  9. I take photos of my food if I remember, I love your drawing because I cant draw to save my life

  10. How sweet! I would never have thought to do mixed media art in the car. Cool!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  11. I always bring some art supplies with me on a trip and 99% of the time they go untouched... I'm not sure why.... Boy you paste away while in the car.. thats pretty good!! :) Just lovely to see your pages... I really like the tall houses stacked close to each other... Hugs! deb

  12. Great pages Dianne. Those whimsical houses look adorable. Recently, I too have developed the habit of taking art supplies on long journeys or even to places where I have nothing much to do but wait
    Have a great week

  13. Maybe if I start "drawing" my food I could drop a few pounds.....LOL

    I always travel with a few art materials....for a short trip, now if we are pulling the Playhouse I loaded up....*grin* I don't do too well in the moving vehicle, but just let there be traffic!!!

    I saw your ATC on E's blog and thought it to be very pretty there too. I've managed to get behind on all that too, with vacation and a sick GD this week. Seems like I've just gotten back from outer space.

    Thanks for the visit and the comment for this tea day.

  14. Hello Dianne, happy T day a little late! I saw your ATC on Elizabeth's blog. What a perfect ATC for, it's so pretty!!
    I am not brave enough to draw in public, so glad you do though, love this!! Made me laugh too, could have eaten the chips all myself too. TOO CUTE!!

    The houses and your other pages are wonderful as always, such a talent you have for sketches and scraps and doodles. So glad you share them with us!!

    Enjoy the last of summer, it's been so gorgeous here. Hugs!

  15. I like the white background much better than black, but I'm wondering if it's not a bit plain, especially since you are so colorful. Let's see how other people react to the new look. Like I said, I actually like it much better than the black, which is always a bad background choice.

  16. Love your style and your sense of humour :-) Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - happy weekend

  17. Love your drawing and the ATC is gorgeous!Thanks for the tutorial!Happy belated T-Day!


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