Friday, August 21, 2015

How Do I Look?

Art Journal Collage featuring a 
photocopy of a vintage fashion drawing 
done by my Mom, circa early 1950's.
I used to draw these types of girls
when I was in high school too...
could it be genetic?

Some days I feel like drawing,
but other days I want to paint
or collage. Not to mention quilting,
cross-stitch, photography or scrapbooking.
 So many options,so little time!

More vintage illustrations combined
with my own doodles and painting.
I enjoy using every type of pen, 
even fluorescent highlighters.

 I dug out some of the stamps
I've carved from erasers, and added 
stamping to my pages. It creates
borders, interesting divisions of the space
on the page, and makes repeating
a design easy.

Do you ever think about how we
perceive beauty, and how much 
we 'buy into' the stereotypes of 
our society?  People have an unfortunate
tendency to judge others by their
appearance.  I try to resist that tendency,
but I'm not always successful.  This
page reminds me to see the
Beauty in everyone and everything.

 Well OK, maybe not creepy crawlies.
I am not a fan of bugs or snakes...
I will admire their natural
beauty from a distance!

I like fashion magazines, (especially Vogue)
simply for their artistic flair. I don't 
consider them realistic in any way 
for a Midwestern woman of
 my age (ahem!) as a model
for what I should wear or how I should 
look. I just want to be healthy and happy,
and make some art.  Can I love drawing
fashion models without caving in to 
society's expectations?

Linking up with Art Journal Every Day
over at Balzer Designs.

What creative pursuit have
you been enjoying?


  1. I used to be one of those size 2s. And I didn't believe the hype then, either. I used to be into fashion. Now I am just happy to have something to wear that doesn't constrict my body.

    I love your creative (and chaotic) family. So much diversity in your art, I never tire of seeing it. Have a super weekend.

  2. I really like how you combine the different art mediums. Beautiful work!

  3. Love your collage pages! Especially those with the lettering. They look so light and airy.

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  5. Your collages are so much fun! I say yes- you can definitely love drawing the models without buying into any of society's ideals! Enjoy that artistic flair! And I totally relate to wanting to do so many different creative things as well - art journal by day, stitch by all has its own pull. Hope you enjoy a creative weekend!

  6. I hope the answer to your question "Is Chaos a sign of Creativity?" is "yes" since that seems to be a consistent state for me these days. There is so much to see on your collage pages. The text on your pages is beautifully done.

  7. Wow! So creative! And so many styles and subjects. I love all the energy that it evokes and you move through the different pages.


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