Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Draw in Your Agenda

I specifically purchased an agenda
that had an extra page for notes
each week, just so I could have
space to draw or collage!

After our son's family had returned home
from their summer visit, I had a little fun
remembering one day's 'serve yourself
whatever's in the fridge' breakfast.
(Drawings in a Mead calendar/agenda.)

Yes, macaroni and cheese, pie, or biscuits
 and bacon for  breakfast.  At about 8:30 a.m.
my granddaughter said, "Gram, can we make
cookies? The kind you roll out & use cookie
cutters?"  ah...ok.  I knew they were 
leaving after lunch to go to their other
grandparents house, but we squeezed it in!

Since I am the only one in the house
who drinks coffee, my coffee maker
is a small one~it only makes 4 cups.
My son was not impressed...

Sometimes you just have to record
a scrap of the day so you won't forget
it...like summer visits from your grandchildren, or
quotes from a book you're reading.

Linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth
for T Tuesday.  Stop by for a visit, and
join in with anything 'beverage related.'

I am sharing the beautiful card and
ATC I received from Carol in Elizabeth's
T Tuesday 2nd Anniversary Swap...

The ATC is a wintry scene to
cool me off in the summer heat,
and the tag she also sent is delightful.
The stenciled envelope is gorgeous!
Thank you Carol!

Did you have anything unusual for
breakfast today?


  1. So glad you like everything !!! Love your sketches and writing in your book. I rarely write in my journals and if I do I usually paint over it :)

  2. I love that you journal these special things.........yes there have been so very interesting breakfasts served at this house too. Why not spoil those GKs??? I highly approve.......LOL

    Gorgeous ATC from Carol.

    Happy T-day

  3. What lovely artwork you received! I'm the only one who drinks coffee too but i have a big coffee pot... I used to have a 4 cupper for years but when daughter came to visit it just wasn't enough..lol happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  4. I had to laugh at your son not being impressed with your coffee maker. That would probably hold enough coffee to fill my big mug I use when I'm in the craft room.

    I would be like the kids and would gladly eat butterscotch pie or mac and cheese for breakfast. It's been a LONG time since I've made French toast, but I would gladly do so now that you put the idea in my head.

    As always, I love your drawings. They are so, so original. You should turn that pie into a rubber stamp. Yep, I'm going to stay on you to do that some day.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful art and drawings with us, as well as your breakfast choices for T this Tuesday.

  5. I forgot to mention. I only eat once a day, so I haven't had breakfast.

  6. Love your art, especially those wonderful breakfast ideas, your grandchildren have got good taste! Great post received from Carol, too! Happy T day, and have a good week, hugs, Valerie

  7. Hello and Happy T Day Dianne! It's so great that you include everyday life into your drawings and words!! YAY for family visiting with you, I'm sure you enjoyed it! You made me laugh too, no coffee maker at my house so my mom and sisters have to either have pop or ice tea.
    I was just thinking about weird things we eat for breakfast this morning. Why? Because my girls ate leftover chicken bacon pizza, lol. Sounds too heavy but they love it. I sometimes will eat certain dinner food leftovers too, pizza, cheesy potatoes, mac/cheese, meatloaf muffins and potatoes, Thanksgiving leftovers, dips and chips. Not many desserts in my house but I would eat them if there were.
    Beautiful ATCs you received!!

    Thank you for your blog visit, love sharing my WITL photos. I too wish I had done this when the kids were really little and that my mom did it with me. Some of the readers involved have little ones and it's so awesome seeing them do this. Happy I am capturing this new stage in our lives though even as young adults.

    Take care and stay warm/cool, seems we keep getting both. Right now it's pouring.

  8. Nothing unusual for breakfast today, but I have had my share of odd breakfasts over the years--LOL! Pretty ATCs. I love your pages where you capture your days. Glad you got a chance to squeeze in making cookies, too. ;)
    Happy T-Day! :)

  9. Your lettering is wonderful. I'm inspired by the ATCs people are sharing. Maybe someday I can do cards that pretty. Maybe.... ;)

  10. I love this post! Your daily agenda is both fun and lovely. I just got through eating egg foo young for breakfast so I on the same page with you!! :)

  11. Wonderful treasures from Carol!
    What great pages that really do capture and record memories in the nicest way.
    My father used to like cold pizza for breakfast and as a kid I found that EW...but it makes perfect sense to me now LOL.
    We traded in our electric drip coffee maker for a French Press some time ago but that is fiddly to clean out. When digging in our cupboards recently I was delighted to find the Melitta cone which is so quick and easy and makes a great cup of coffee.
    Those paper filters are begging to be saved instead of recycled I'm thinking ;-)

  12. I loved seeing you Saturday Dianne! And this is the first I've seen your new header for your blog. VERY "Dianne", except for a few doodles.... :-)


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