Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Reading and Drawing

A thrift shop tea cup, and
some books...


I've been re-reading Ann McAffrey's
series about the dragons of Pern.
It's like visiting old friends...

I stuck a few sprigs of
lavender in a bud vase...
then realized they were calling
to me: "Draw me, draw me!
Can't you see we're waiting?"

I will be visiting 
Bleubeard & Elizabeth for
T Tuesday, and I'm
joining in for the 
shenanigans...how about you?


  1. Love the pretty tea cup from the thrift shop. Your art work is beautiful, love how you drew the lavender.Have a great week and a happy T Day, Hugs, Valerie

  2. Old books revisited can make you feel that way can't they?? I feel that way about the Lord of the Rings trilogy...visiting old friends... Lovely drawings... I'm so glad you shared them this T day! Hugs! deb

  3. beautiful illustrations Dianne!! You just reminded me to go check on my lavender bush to see how it's doing and perhaps bring in some fragrant blooms too. Happy T day!

  4. I love your cups :) My lavender is newly planted this year and hasn't bloomed. I have hopes for next year. Happy T Tuesday!

  5. You have made quite the hit with your art tutorials, Dianne. I also love them, even if I can't draw. This week's tea cup and lavender are gorgeous. You always make great art! Thanks for sharing these beauties with us for T this Tuesday. Did you know you could turn lavender into tea? I didn't until I started reading about tisanes again!

  6. OMG!! I read all the Dragon's of Pern books years ago and would LOVE to re-read them. She is a wonderful story teller.

    I am going to plant lavender again next spring, it is one of my favorite fragrances and I don't know why ( or remember *grin*) I took mine out, of course that was years ago. But I do miss it.

    Great art, and so inspiring.

    Happy T-day

  7. Just popped back to say the movie was a good one, I laughed all the way through it, the one lines were spot on.

  8. Hello and Happy T Day Dianne! So happy to share your pretty PL cards on my blog today. I thought the T gang would love seeing them. They inspired me to get my pages done fast too, maybe you could send me some weekly and get my photos in quicker, lol. Just kidding friend, was nice to receive these beauties. They went together so well.

    Your drawing is amazing and just makes me smile! You do have a way with drawing and words and I'm glad you share them here with us. Hope your staying inside and cool during this looong heat wave we are having still. Can't wait for a bit of cool down. Have a good week! Hugs!

  9. Your drawings are just so very pretty and the colours so soft and genteel. A pleasure to visit you. Happy T Day :D

  10. I have rarely ever re-read a book, to be honest. But I have re-watched a few movies--and have two I watch every Christmas. These are the most charming and delicate little pieces of art! Have a wonderful week and Happy T-Day! :)

  11. Your tea cup and book drawing is wonderful and you have me swooning over your lavender picture too!
    What a gift you have to be able to sketch what you see and delight us all along the way.
    I did something this year that I have never done and that was not trimming back our lavender which blooms in June here in VA (the variety I have anyway). Just today I got out there and whacked off some of the spent blooms...those poor forgotten stems! Maybe a bird or two got to enjoy them...yup that's my story and I'm stickin to it ;-)
    Thank you for sharing your always lovely artwork and Happy T Day oxo

  12. Love your drawing this week!!!! So much detail♥

  13. Your post encompasses three of my favorite things: reading, drawing, and T-Day!

    Anne McCaffrey was great. I haven't read any of her books in a long time now, but for awhile my husband and I were following along with the Acorna series. I should pick them up again.

  14. The tea cup drawing is perfect. What a pretty cup to have in your collection. I agree, tea and books make a good combination.


  15. Your drawings are magical. The lavender is so lovely!Your blog is always a feast for my eyes, my friend!Happy T-Day! :)

  16. Each of these drawings is so wonderful in its own, let alone all paired together, what beauty! Thanks for the link to Elizabeth's blog. :)


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