Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Documented Life Project -

Art to the 5th blog has been hosting a year-long
challenge called The Documented Life Project.
Each week there is a different prompt to create
a mixed media page in your art journal/planner.
Above, a two-page spread from the challenge

Week 39: Drips and Splatters.
Watercolor, Sharpie pen, and adhesive numbers.

Above, the challenge was to use 3 colors
that you never use together.  I chose
purple, green and orange.

Polka dots are fun, in all shapes & sizes!
Mixed media collage: Watercolor, scrapbook paper,
painted papers, Sharpie pen, & Washi tape.

Each week there is a tip-in (that's why there's tape or
fabric on the side of the page) that flips open to reveal
a two-page spread.  Above, mixed media collage~

Stars:  mine are 'Medieval.'
This text page that I used for the tip-in
already had stars on it!  (right side
illustration-shields) How did that
happen when I prepared this 
11 months ago!?  Delightful...
from a book about knights.

"Draw what you see."
The king lurking in the background was
on the vintage page that I had removed
from an old library book and used as
my tip-in page.  I drew the apples in
Sharpie marker and added watercolor.

What challenges have you been doing?


  1. Oh wow. You are taking this project to heart. I didn't have any of the required items for it, so I didn't join in, but I sure like what you did. I especially like how serendipitous the Knight and stars pages turned out. Of course, I enjoyed enlarging the tip-in page with the portion taken from a math book. Very clever artwork in each of these pages.

  2. Hi again, wanted to peek at this post too. WOW, you have done so well with this project. I love these so much and even made it all flow together so nice. I am hoping to try this project next year when they start again. So glad they are doing it and that it will be free again.
    Do you think you'll do it again? You should, these pages have been so good.
    Thank you for sharing these!


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