Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Travel on T Tuesday

Smash book pages recently created
in my Eco Green Smash book...
the pumpkin theme continues!
Above, some ideas that I drew for
Halloween Artist Trading Cards.
Loved the adorable goofy pumpkins 
on the scrapbook paper I bought!

I exchanged an ATC with Dawn over 

Love the colors, the zentangles,
and the cute ribbon~
Thanks Dawn!
I taped her atc into the book with 
decorative tape...

and underneath the atc I drew a Harvest Moon.

My Travel for the week was a quick trip
to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky where we met our
son and his family.  Had a great time,
even though it rained every day. We were
very thankful that we 'camped' in a cabin
and not a tent...you CAN
 roast marshmallows in a drizzling rain!

I like to sketch scenes along the roadside
while we drive.  These mystery plants that had
been frosted had marvelous brown 'heads' and
an almost glowing lime-green stem.  Perhaps they
were little sunflowers? I am not sure, but we
only saw them on a short stretch of highway.
Had fun sketching the corn field too...

Bits of songs and silly conversations,
and radio chatter...life can be a bit random,
don't you think?!  And when the grand kids
are not in the car, I have to be the one to
ask, "Are we there yet?"

On our way home, the fall foliage was rather
obscured by the cloudy day and rain, but
I still enjoyed the autumn colors.

Having my mocha coffee this morning
in my panda mug, which is getting more chipped
over time, but I can't bear to retire it!
Hope you will enjoy some tea or coffee today,
some color~ or some pumpkin!
Linking up with Elizabeth for T Tuesday...


  1. You are once again getting into Halloween in a BIG way. This year it seems I see it more in your journals and less in your home decor.

    You and Dawn shared some great ATCs this week. Puts me in the mood for Halloween, too.

    You asked about Sally. She decided to visit a friend who lives near Boston, so after postponing it a couple of times, she finally went last week. I wish I'd gotten a photo of her in her sling. She told me she was really pampered while she was away, and I'm glad because she would NOT have gotten that special treatment from me. Now she seems so much better. And her hellion cats actually started to accept me for once.

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous art and week with us for T this Tuesday. BTW, I love caves!!! I've explored caves that had not even been mapped. Spelunking at its finest.

  2. Great art!!!! Love Halloween too :)

  3. Hello and Happy T Day!! I cheated and started with you first so I could see my ATC on your page. So excited and honored to see it mixed in with all your wonderful art and doodles. YAY!! So glad you like it. It looks great on your page.
    Dianne, your pages from the trips are making me laugh so hard, tears running down my face now. SO FUNNY!! How funny to be like Miss Daisy, still laughing at that one. These were the best, I need to do that next time we drive somewhere. I know the kids always say the weirdest things, thanks for the idea.

    Your scenery sketches are pretty and so FALL, great job on them! Your panda mug is adorable.
    As always like Elizabeth said, HALLOWEEN suits you well in your pages, so happy to see them again this week.

    Thanks again for trading and hope we can again. Happy Tuesday to you, it's rainy and cool here, YUCK!

  4. So much beautiful art here! I have exchanged with Dawn too-so much fun to give and receive some mail art. You have made the best of your trip despite the rain-love your sketches of the scenery. And that panda mug- so cute! Happy T day.

  5. It is always a feast for the eyes to see all your colorful artwork. I like the way you use every spot on every page to advantage! The traded ATC is lovely and looks great incorporated into your page.

  6. Great sketches from your trip ... I hope you weren't the one driving. I love the colours of autumn so inspiring.
    Enjoy your tea

  7. Cabins are so much better than tents. Especially as I got older--LOL! ;) Lots of goodies in the post.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  8. Yummy art works this week! Halloween has effected my, this year, more than usual and I have enjoyed making things for it.
    Love the ATC you received.
    Happy T-day

  9. I just love your pumpkins and your ATC is gorgeous.
    When I was over the pond I got taken to a pumpkin farm. I wanted to buy soooo many as you have so much choice of shapes and colours. I did buy two for my host to enjoy though, just because I could!

  10. Lovely ATC's! And all your sketching Amazing!! Its been a good long while since i've been camping tent , cabin or otherwise....now i want to go! Hugs! deb

  11. Super fun ideas and designs.

    Hugs diane

  12. Beautiful artwork, I'm very impressed that you can sketch whilst travelling and can remember enough details to sketch what you saw on the road behind you, lol. Happy T Day :o))

  13. I enjoyed your travel sketches. I should have taken a sketchbook on the train. Instead I took knitting. Halloween is nearly upon us isn't it?


  14. Love all your travel pages - and that panda mug is too cute!

  15. Wow.. adorable drawings are these... fantastic!

  16. Love your sketchbook. It is so inspiring. So wonderful to see Dawn's tag here-:) Your Fall/ Halloween sketches are all awesome.
    Have a lovely week

  17. Lovely artwork highlighting the season Dianne.
    Cabin camping sounds perfect to me too. Back in the day we camped in tiny tents and one year borrowed a co worker's camper...there was no turning back after that ;-)
    Happy October and T Day a day late

  18. In the mood for Halloween and lovin' your pictures :)

    We went to Mammoth Cave one year, and I enjoyed that trip so much. Roasting marshmallows can even be done in the pouring rain, you know. In a fireplace inside ;)

  19. your fall foliage sketch is so lovely. You have captured a colorful fall day perfectly.


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