Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Time for Pumpkins

© Dianne Bishop Carey 2011

It's T Tuesday over at Elizabeth's blog:

© Dianne Bishop Carey 2011

And time to share a few pumpkin characters.
To celebrate October, I will show a variety of pumpkin
and Halloween decorations this month, so
'stay tuned' for stitching, painting, drawing,
collections, and dust-catchers of all kinds!

© Dianne Bishop Carey
I love vintage-looking pumpkins, so I am
sharing some past art work inspired by
old paper mache' Halloween decorations.

© Dianne Bishop Carey 2014
Above, an ATC (Artist Trading Card)
 with a vintage-style pumpkin face.  The 
Lettering was generated on the computer 
and printed on card stock. I drew the rest of the
 elements on white card stock, applied
 watercolor or marker, cut out, and glued on.
The background is navy card stock.
This went to Dawn via snail mail!

© Dianne Bishop Carey 2014

Above, 'Jolly Halloween' lettering was also
done on the computer. The background is scrapbook
paper and a piece of Smash book page, with a geometry
diagram from a vintage Geometry textbook.  I drew 
and watercolored the pumpkins and the 
Man in the Moon. The title on the back says
 " I AM smiling," said the moon.  This ATC may end up
in my Project Life scrapbook...

I am having my mocha coffee today and linking up
with Elizabeth's   T Tuesday link party. 
How do you celebrate October?


  1. Fun pumpkin art Dianne...
    Jolly Halloween is wonderful and that font is perfect too!
    Nice to be back for T...
    Happy October to you!

  2. Lovely pumpkins!I love halloween!

  3. You are ready for Halloween, I'm going to have to play catch up. Great cup/drink sketch.


  4. Oh, I do LIKE those pumpkin characters! I like the vintage Halloween images better than anything they have on the market today.

    Happy T-day

  5. Great pumpkins there. I just love your artwork. Well done.

  6. These are so much fun! They have such happy expressions they really make me smile!

  7. Hello and Happy T Day ! I love seeing my ATC on here, he is so cute and I love having it in my collection now. Thanks for sharing on how you made it, good to know.
    You are so good at pumpkins and Halloween/October fun each year. So glad that we can see all the fun things you make.

    In regards to your comment on my blog: WHAT HAIL AND SNOW, NO WAY! We had cold and rain but that is it. YUCK! I'm so not ready for it either.
    Project Life is harder for me this year, I'm determined not to give it up though. What little bit you can put in yours is great and still tells a story. So keep it up and enjoy it or fill it up with the kids pictures. Although you do the DLP and that is so awesome and tells your story pretty well in there too.
    I saw that they will be going it again next year. I'm thinking I will do the challenges in a journal but not as a calendar/diary form.
    Your ATC should arrive this week, hope you like it.
    Have a great fall week and stay warm.

  8. Super fun pumpkins!
    Happy T day!

  9. Sorry I’m so late. The party is over and everything has been put away, so now I can relax and enjoy your gorgeous art.

    OMG, Dianne, I am in LOVE with that man in the moon. It is fantastic. Truly. Of course, you know me and math! Great composition, great colors, and a beautiful piece of ART.

    You made some gorgeous pumpkins. Vintage pumpkins are fun.

    I was going to tell you something, but I've had a very busy day, so don't remember what it was. When I think of it, I'll leave a message.

    Thanks for sharing your art and your cup of coffee for T this Tuesday. Was that a bagel you were eating?

  10. I remember what I was going to tell you. I did NOT write the Spanish part of the invitation. I only wrote the English part (grin). No skills on my part, just a wonderful neighbor.

  11. Although some do celebrate Hallowe'en over ere, it is only a very new thing and so October is just spring to me! Love your drawings, though.

  12. They are very scary but gorgeous and cute
    Bridget #3


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