Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Little Things on Journal Pages

Art deco motifs and poetry quotes
combine to create this 
art journal page, above.

I had several restaurant meals
this week, and the temptation to eat
too many high calorie foods can
sometimes be avoided by 
drawing my food!

These colorful tea bag wrappers
went onto a journal page.  The
cranberry muffin recipe is a good one!
You may notice that I've substituted
applesauce for the oil in the recipe.
Still tastes great and less calories.
Now is the time of year when I stock
up on bags of fresh cranberries and
put them in the freezer, then I have 
them to use in recipes most of the year.

Sharing my coffee cup and art with
the T Tuesday link party over at
Elizabeth's Altered Book Lover blog.
She's making homemade tea bags...
what are you creating today?

I am looking forward to receiving
 my copy of the book 
Art Journal Kickstarter, in which
I have had one of my art journal pages
published.  You can see the cover
of the book here.  I hope you will
check it out when it hits the store
shelves, which should be soon.
I love art journaling, can you tell?


  1. Those art deco motifs are wonderful. You captured the period so well.

    And just looking at that food you drew makes me hungry. Lots less calories this way, though.

    I enjoyed seeing the really colorful tea bag holders/wrappers. I LOVED the name Pizazz. These were gorgeous, and I might try your cranberry recipe. While at the store yesterday, I bought cranberry wrapped goat cheese. It sounded good, so I hope I like it.

    Thanks for sharing your incredible art with us for T this Tuesday. It's always fun to see what you have drawn.

  2. I love all of your art pages :) The peanuts at Texas Roadhouse makes me hungry for one of their pork chops :) I do love your up too ♥ Have a great week:)

  3. Congrats on that well deserved honor of being published Dianne...very exciting!
    Your first journal page is especially wonderful to me...
    the words and images really speak to me.
    Happy T Day

  4. Lovely journalling pages you have shared today but i am totally taken with the idea of sitting and drawing the food in a restaurant instead of eating it all... not sure it would work for me as I draw really badly!! LOL Annette

  5. I love all your sketches. Every page has a story here. Congrats on being published.
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. fabulous art pages! I LOVE that scroll in the first page-wow! Congrats on being published in the book-I have not heard of it so I will check it out. Happy T day!

  7. Hello and Happy T Day Dianne! I hope the sun is shining for you today like it is here. So nice to have a last warm day before the cold and snow comes.
    I really like the Texas Roadhouse drawing, we had one nearby. My dad would take us there years ago, I wasn't thrilled about throwing the peanuts in the floor back then, do they still do that?
    What a cute Panda bear and pretty tea bag covers. Always good to see your art!
    Enjoy your week and safe wishes if the snow is coming.

  8. I must have missed the post that you mentioned being in an upcoming book! Congrats!
    I find keeping my hands busy helps not to snack...I definitely need more hand crafts. :)
    Happy T Day!

  9. The cranberry muffins sound tasty. I might just hafta try that recipe. Thx!

  10. Wise idea to draw food rather than eat it! One we could all do with using!!
    Love that mug. Those muffins sound good. Cranberries are always expensive in UK!

  11. What lovely art journal pages!
    Happy T- Day! :)

  12. Well, I guess there are a LOT LESS calories in a drawing than a huge plate of food....LOL
    Great sketches of the food, made me hungry...grin
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and the nice comment.


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