Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Turning Leaves on T Tuesday

Turning leaves, thread, and textiles
make me happy. Above, the
Documented Life Project page for week 44-
Leaves.  I chose to stitch leaves in bright yellow
fabric, collaged with burlap and canvas. The
background page is text from a vintage book
about knights.  You may be able to see that it
was a drawing of a  sea port.  Mostly obscured
by the collage, but the old paper was a good 
weight and some fun illustrations to work with.

Collage and watercolor:
"Come, little leaves," said the wind one day,
Come o'er the meadows with me and play;
Put on your dresses of red and gold,
For summer is gone and the days grow cold."
--George Cooper, Come, Little Leaves

Happy Autumn, falling leaves...
the right side of the spread shows another
illustration from the book about knights.
Can you spot the geometry page?

Watched the movie 'Princess Bride' again this week.
It still makes me laugh...and decided to add 
a quote from the movie to these pages.

Linking up with Elizabeth and Bleubeard for
the Turning Leaves are nearly gone in our
neck of the woods.  The wind has done its
job and the trees are becoming their 
bare winter sculptural shapes.

Have a cup of tea, or coffee, and enjoy
the last few days of sunshine!
I think a walk outside is 
in order for today...

"Autumn. The year's last,
loveliest smile."


  1. Oh Wow! Such lovely art here - I do love your colour choices! Happy T Day! Chris

  2. what a really beautiful collection of art pages again! I love your attention to details-another great mug sketch too. Enjoy all your falling leaves and happy T day!

  3. Beautiful pages, Fall is my favourite time :)
    The Princess Bride page is awesome!
    Have a lovely t day!

  4. What a beautiful way to preserve the colors of Autumn. Most of our trees are bare here due to a few exceptionally windy days.

  5. Absolutely love the textile piece!!! The others are beauteous too ♥

  6. Happy T Day - Autumn is my favourite season and I love all the Autumnal art work you have shown here; just beautiful :D

  7. Hello and Happy T Day! So glad to be visiting again and seeing the screen even better now. So thankful for my friend Nancy sharing an extra monitor her son had. I can't get over the difference and realize how the other one was really affecting my mood about being online. But now I'm here and get to enjoy your FALL pages.
    I do love the way you share so much fun with us during the fall. So glad you can enjoy it and make art with it. These are all lovely and the first one is really a favorite. I did a little that myself, no stitching but fall fun still.
    The leaves have been blowing off the trees sadly, wish they would last all November too. It goes by much to quick. I took a walk at the track today and out back a few times, was a good day despite the WIND.
    Thank you for the visit and comment on my blog. Was so nice to share. Going to start posting my Week in the Life pictures this week too if you want to take a peek at them.

    By the way have you ever been or heard of Salt Fork? I've shared about the place on my blog but can't remember if you have.

    Take care and enjoy the week.

  8. Lovely pages. Fall is pretty well done up here. The trees are bare and we've had freezing temps already. You have done some great fall tribute pages before it gets white out there. ;) Happy T-Day!! :)

  9. Not only did I see the geometry page, I saw the radicals. Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

    Your wonderful autumn pages make me smile. I was SO impressed with your sewing the leaves onto the page. How clever of you. Beautiful art, and those leaves at the end say it all. Winter is definitely in the air, I fear.

    It's been years since I saw the Princess Bride. I remember I liked it, though.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely DLP art and mug with us for T this Tuesday, dear Dianne.

  10. I am in love with your stitched autumn collage. Gorgeous.

  11. Beautiful work! I love the mixed media in the first one :)


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