Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tea Cups and Documentation- T Tuesday

A tea cup for my Fake Journal 2014...
see the post on my blog

Continuing with the
Week 15 was a challenge to
create a page using a monochromatic
color scheme:  shades and tints of
all one color.  This is an attempt
at a self-portrait (wrinkles removed!)
using watercolors.  The dark red
was tinted with a bit of purple for
the darkest shade.
I guess I am so 'serious' because it's
difficult to keep smiling while I'm
focusing on the painting!

Another image from my Fake Journal 2014.
Watercolor and Pitt pen.  Design from a
tea cup. I really like the tan/gray color
combined with the soft blue...

Linking up with Elizabeth and Bluebeard
Have a nice hot cup of something
and join her for Assemblage Fun!

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  1. Actually, the assemblage post was not supposed to go live until this afternoon. I made the mistake of leaving it the time I completed it instead of scheduling it. That's a problem I have when I'm so far behind. I have a tendency to forget the attention to detail.

    I love the cup you drew, so now I'm off to see your fake journal. Seems to put doubts to my theory of your theme.

    Thanks for sharing all your lovely art today.

  2. You do an amazing self portrait. Will have to see how the fake journal is coming along.


  3. Your tea cup is stunning--by far the prettiest I've seen!
    I love the course you're taking--I think we're all learning something from it :)
    Happy Tea day

  4. your teacup is lovely, and I am thoroughly impressed with your portrait-love it! Happy T day to you.

  5. Beautiful tea cup designs Dianne!
    And your self portrait is super too...your paint brush can have its way with you :)
    Happy T Day

  6. Your tea cup art is so pretty. I am enjoying seeing your fake journal, too! Hope you had a wonderful T day.

  7. i'm impressed with your self-portrait. i admire folks who can do faces, much less faces that look like faces lol. i wear my hair in a short style, similar to yours.

  8. What a pretty tea cup! And your self portrait is lovely!
    To answer you question from last week...yes I'm that behind...the green in my smoothie was from several handfuls of spinach. You seriously can't even taste it...just the banana, yogurt and peanut butter. So yummy and packed with nutrients.

  9. Hello and Happy T Day!! WOW, your drawings are WONDERFUL and AWESOME!! I love the self portrait, such a good job you did. Lovely colors for the tea cup too, will have to try those in my art.
    Thanks so much for your visit today and in my past post. Always good to see you there.

    Spring is still coming slowly, seems it's not sure to stay or go away again. CRAZY!!
    Have a wonderful week!

  10. Happy T-Day!
    Beautiful teacup. And a lovely self portrait (especially the no wrinkle part).
    Ok off to see your other self.

  11. Great "selfie" and tea cup, I'm so impressed by how well you are keeping up on the DLP prompts! I'm not doing that well, I think I'm a couple weeks behind.

  12. Great self portrait, wish I could whisk away my wrinkles with a watercolor brush...LOL
    Your tea cup drawings, they are so pretty.
    Thanks for coming by for T-day

  13. Beautiful drawings, and great selfie! :)

  14. Oh, you're doing one of the fake journals! Cool! Great job on all of these. I think monochrome is hard and that looks wonderful.
    Happy belated T-Day! :)

  15. AWESOME self portrait! A great portrait in any case. I love those tones.


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