Friday, April 4, 2014

Drawing ~ Documented Life Project

The Documented Life Project:
Week 13. Have someone draw 
on your page.  Finish it.
I didn't strictly have mom draw directly
on my page. This is a copy of a fashion
drawing that she did around 1950 or so.
(Below) She drew with pencil, then
inked with a dip pen and India ink.
I had a copy made on card stock, 
then watercolored it and added the
quote by CoCo Chanel.
Don't you love her drawing?
Thanks Mom!

Week 14.  Write your name. Decorate.
I was inspired by graffiti on railroad cars.
(Below) Sketched in pencil, then
Sharpie pen, then watercolors.

I am having so much fun doing art journals
that not much is getting done around the 
house. But a person has to have priorities...

Above, a page in my Eco Green Smash Book.
When I find bits of art projects that I am 
not sure what to do with, it has been ending
up in the Smash book...if I can make it fit!

Hope you will find time to make 
some art today!


  1. Your Mom is just as talented as you! Or should I have said that the other way around? :) Great drawing and fun quote!

  2. I've seen some of the drawings your mother did, and I have to admit you are definitely a chip off your mother's block. That was a lovely rendition.

    I loved how you wrote your name. It almost jumped out at me, and I didn't even need any of those 3-D glasses, either (grin).

    You should have joined the Inchie challenge some of my British friends are doing. I really love what you did. Now I'm off to try to catch up on your OTHER blog.

  3. Well, now we know the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. :) Love the graffiti page with you name...esp the lettering for Dianne. Super cool!

  4. I love your style! And your mom's drawing is wonderful!

  5. You are really productive. That sketch of your mom's?! Wonderful!

    I've seen smash journals around the stores, but I didn't really pick one up. They must have different kinds?


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