Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Random Thoughts on T Tuesday

Week 16 of the Documented Life Project:
add a cardboard box (from food) to your page.
Since we had yet MORE SNOW last night,
on April 15, 2014!
strawberries and sunshine
sound pretty darn good
right about now...

A recycled folder that I lightly sanded
and painted to make a little book...
paper yet to be added in pamphlet stitch.

A page in my Eco Green Smash book-
recording my grandson's comment about
my bag matching my clothes. How many
8 yr.-old boys notice that?! and
how cool is that?!

Practicing caricatures for a
local prom...
no erasing when you are working
solely in marker!

Had to break out the snowman mug today...
so tired of being cold...
visit Bluebeard and Elizabeth for
to share a warm beverage and
random thoughts...

•  ♦  •


  1. Oh I do hope for your sake that was the last of your snow and you can put that snowman mug to rest for a long time. Your projects are all so marvelous. Love your sketch-I'd be freaked out if told I couldn't use pencil first. How observant of your grandson-yes that is worth noting in your book. Happy T day!

  2. it is time for warmer weather and a fond farewell to snowmen 'til next year. now if only mother nature would cooperate.

    i'm not at my best in the morning either, and i loved that quote :)

  3. We've occasionally had snow in May up here. There were snowflakes dancing on the wind yesterday, but they came and went without a trace. They're predicting measurable snow tomorrow, though. Spring will come...with strawberries! ;)
    Happy T-Day!

  4. Oh no, snow again? Well, I shouldn't be surprised, since we're supposed to have some here, tomorrow. I feel for you. Hang in there and have a Happy T Day!

  5. Hello and happy T Day! I love all your art, your grandson is so cute!! Sadly, my spring blooms are covered in snow this morning and I had to turn on the furnace and put on my sweatshirt. So not wanting this cold weather anymore, I enjoyed the spring/summer like temps we just had. Plus all the rain made puddles around my yard. YUCK!! Hope spring comes back soon and STAYS!!!
    Take care and stay warm!

  6. Very observant boy! Mine would have been oblivious to that fact. :)
    Love the strawberries...I've got a couple of hives on my cheek right now to prove how much I love them. ACK! As I age I'm getting more allergies!

  7. I keep checking, but so far, only rain here today. At least any snow this time of year seems to disappear quick. Lovely journal page, and very smart 8 year old grandson!

  8. Sunday it was so hot, I had the AC on. That is until about 2 pm, when we got hail, and the temperature dropped dramatically. Then it snowed overnight and did so again last night, too. Tax day brought snow to both of us, it appears. Now I give you permission to bring out that mug when it's 100 F outside, but I'm hoping this is the last snow day for awhile.

    Loved the observation from your grandson. He's a pretty smart young man. And could he be a fashionista, or is that title for women only? Sorry , I hope I didn't make a faux pax there.

    Thanks for sharing strawberries and snow today, dear friend. Sorry I haven't been by your other blog, but I'll go there once I catch my breath and pick up Sally at the airport.

  9. I absolutely love it that you are working on the documented life project. That's a great page. SNOW? now?! oh, wow.

  10. I love your mug! Sorry to hear you have had snow again. Had to giggle at your Grandson's comment! Very good!


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