Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Collage on T Tuesday

A collage made from some scraps
in honor of Earth Day, and
Elizabeth's T Tuesday.  Included are:
 brown craft paper with craft acrylics,
scrap of kleenex box cardboard,
scraps of fabric, painted papers,
tea bag tag, 
watercolor paint over book text,
and text cut from a book.

Spread in the Mini Smash book, with another 
tea bag tag and kleenex cardboard. I drew the 
cupcake, the lettering was already printed on
the background page and I went over it
with a marker to darken it.  On the right,
the black and white border came from 
junk mail.  Thought a recipe was in order
to go with my tea, since I don't usually
buy baked goods!  I haven't actually tried
this recipe yet, but it sounds wonderful!

Hope you will visit 
Elizabeth and Bluebeard for
T Tuesday... and
also stop by my Fake Journal Blog-
to see what my 'altered ego'
has been doing this April!

♦  ♦  


  1. This is lovely Dianne. Love the fact you are recycling.
    I also love the little Keep off from the post below. My sentiments exactly!

  2. Super great journal pages!
    Happy T-day

  3. Great art and perfect for E. I laughed when I saw kleenex box bits. I sometimes stand in the store trying to decide which box to buy, which one I could best cycle through some art.


  4. What a great way to recycle. My sentiments about nothing is ever too small to fit in a journal, is certainly correct here. You recycle bits and pieces better than anyone I know.

    What a wonderful way to honor T day AND Earth day. Very impressive art and tea bag tags. Thank you for sharing these today. I will have to try those Peanut Butter Muffins. They DO sound yummy.

  5. beautiful compositions Dianne along with a great way to upcycle things that so often just get tossed. A happy T day and earth day to you!

  6. Love collage that is done with bits and pieces....so interesting to look at the many parts and how you put them together.

  7. Such a great collage. You are definitely a recycler. You tear up old art and recreate with it...always inspiring!

  8. Hello and Happy T Day! I really love your recycle pages, perfect for today!! Great job using up bits and pieces, using tissue boxes is one of my favorites too.

    Hope the weather is as good there as it is here. It's been so nice to spend more time outdoors then inside and when inside the windows are open. YAY!! My lilacs are starting to bloom too, can't wait to see and smell them.

    Happy Earth day to you and enjoy your week!
    p.s. I saw your comment on my blog, which challenge did you meet E at? So lucky we have technology that helps us find friends all over the world. So glad you are in this group of Tuesday ladies and the one closest to my hometown.

  9. Cute tea pages!
    Happy T-Day and a Happy Earth Day! :)

  10. Happy T-Day!
    Your post made me laugh. Not sure if it's your cupcake spread or your bits and pieces used. Love them both.

  11. Both collages are lovely! While I am not a fan of peanut butter, my DH sure is, and he would love those cupcakes! Hope you had a nice T Day!


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