Sunday, April 27, 2014

Documented Life Project

Week 17 prompt:
"Draw or photograph your favorite shoes.
Add it to your page."

Sharpie pen drawing of my favorite
black "booties," with watercolor wash.
Collage includes words from a magazine,
washi tape, hole reinforcements,
dots punched from magazine,
and fabric.

I was not sure about this 
prompt at first, but the page did
turn out better than I expected...
  I originally wanted
to keep the page in all Black & White,
but when the hot pink lettering
came to light, I figured
'why not?'
Love the stripy fabric, 
and polka dot fabric
  which I bought at a local flea market.

Feeling pleased that I am keeping up
with the Documented Life Project
weekly challenges, and enjoying
them so far.  The Facebook group has
over 6,000 members.  That is pretty huge!
What has been really great is the
encouraging and generous sense
of community in the group.
Visit Art to the 5th blog
to find out more about the project.
It's never too late to join!



  1. Black, white & hot pink always make a striking combination! Great shoes!

  2. Love the boots. Love the colors you settled on. Love the fabric you chose. Adore the entire composition.

    Thanks for stopping by my place so often lately. Sorry I've been MIA. Guess I partied too hard this week (grin). Now I'm off to see what I missed in your fake journal.

  3. Lovely drawing...and I LOVE those booties!


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