Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Greetings

---just sayin'.

Please visit my Fake Art Journal blog:
I only do a 'fake journal' in April each year,
and there are only 13 days left.

See if you can figure out what
my character does
and why those things
are in my journal...



  1. Easter greetings to you, too, dear Dianne. And I had to laugh at the awesomeness of the jelly bean saying.

    I know I've been lax in visiting your fake journal blog, but I promise to do better after I have a day or two to catch my breath. Thanks as always for visiting me and leaving such encouraging comments. Your friendship means the world to me, even if I haven't had time (or a quick ISP) to reciprocate.

  2. Funny...that could be a quote from my girl!

  3. Hi Dianne! Happy Easter! I don't have your email address, but I wanted to answer your question from your comment on my 41 Ways to Keep It Fresh post. The mosaic wall is at the Magic Gardens in Philadelphia on South Street. It is a magnificent place to visit. I wrote about my visit here, so you can see some more photos of this amazing place:


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