Thursday, August 1, 2013

Black and White Style: Index Card-a-Day Wrap-Up

For the last few days of the 
Index-Card-a-Day challenge I decided
to create black and white pieces.
July 27 and 28 are zentangles.

A relaxing, meditative doodle that I can
do while I'm watching television...

I've made a total of 61 pieces of 
art on index cards
during the 2013 icad challenge!  It's been
a lot of fun.  The small 4"x6" space is 
easy to fill with drawings, scraps or doodles.
 It doesn't take long...unless you want it to!

I enjoyed exploring a theme each week, and
working in a series.  
I found myself carrying index cards along
with me wherever I went! (you know, just in case
the spirit moved or there was time to fill)

It also was helpful to know what I'd be posting on 
my blog each Friday.  Having a goal to work towards
helps me accomplish more.  I joined the ICAD Flickr
group, and figuring out how to post on there was a
bit of a challenge for me---but it's always good to 
learn new skills! I still haven't figured out how to
"add favorites" though!

My stack of index cards is getting big, as I've been
doing this for several years now.  Last year I bought 
a pretty cardboard recipe box
 for a cheap price, and added a 
counted cross-stitch piece to the front.

This year, I went for simple and easy.
I purchased a plastic index card box with snap closures.
It has a little pocket for a label on the front where I 
noted the themes of each week of the challenge.
I am not sure if I will alter it in some way, we'll see...

2011 icads in an art journal spread

I am pretty sure some of these 
index-card-a-day art pieces will end up
on art journal pages!  And I am planning
to continue to explore Series of art works.
Stay tuned...


  1. Congratulations on sticking with this project. Your art cards are so adorable, and you put SO much time in them. I'm always impressed with your creations.

    I considered a recipe card holder when I decided how to store my ICADs, because I have several I've picked up at garage sales for the sole purpose of altering them. However, even though I rejected adding 3-D embellishments to the cards, preferring to keep the cards relatively flat, several of my ICADs' embellishments extended beyond the 5" width. Height would not have been a problem because I could have left the lid open, but width obviously WAS.

    I now see the advantage to staying completely on the page, like you did.

    I look forward to seeing you use these in your art journals, too.

  2. Dianne it was so satisfying to finish 61 cards! I am going to print mine out and put them in a book. Yours look so awesome all there in a big group! I love your zentangles a lot.


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