Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mail Art

I received this gorgeous card from Chris
It is full of juicy color, and wonderful texture,
and it's really beautiful! 
I love it!
Chris has been doing the Index-Card-a-Day
challenge also, so visit her to check out what
she's been up to.  Her writing is a,
I mean, really fun, so stop by!

Here's the card that I sent Chris.  It has lots
of painted scraps of paper collaged on there,
and the man's photo is from an ephemera pack.
The crossword background is scrapbook paper.

Chris seemed surprised that I sent it through
the mail naked. Ahem, without an envelope.
(Aileen's Tacky Glue is great stuff!)
Chris put hers in an envelope with a lovely 
little Moo card...

I even got a kick out of the stamp
on the envelope...what's not to love 
about The Incredibles!?

I gotta say, it was so great to receive 
mail art that was actual art and
not a copy or reproduction.  I've had
that happen more than once.
Chris' card is going up on my inspiration wall~
It was a fun swap Chris, thanks!


  1. First, I love what both of you created. The art is so different, yet you compliment each other.

    I've never ever received a reproduction of anything. I'd be offended if I did. I've started with scanned and printed art before, then added embellishments and other additions, but to receive a reproduction would be like getting a postcard you bought at the store. So glad this was an enjoyable exchange.

  2. Love the mail art! Fabulous pieces from both of you! I agree...what's not to love about The Incredibles!?!

  3. Art mail IS always such two created some very nice pieces for your swap.
    I have sent collaged fabric postcards through the mail before w/o an envie and sending a plastic bottle full of ephemera to The Netherlands was really fun and different for me.
    I also enjoyed seeing your ICAD fun, lots of people joined in this year.
    Happy August

  4. Oh, you are so sweet!
    I loved our little swap. Your card is so yummy with layers that a person can look at it for days. We have it up in our living room.

    Thanks for the idea, and let's do it again!


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