Tuesday, August 20, 2013

T is for Tuesday and Trees

Joining Elizabeth's
T is for Tuesday link up...
having Peppermint herbal iced tea...

and looking at my skinny practice journal.
'Practice' journal because I was practicing
stitching signatures into book form.

The size (4 1/2" x 8 3/4")
 has been handy to carry with me in
my purse to draw or make notes at odd moments.
Collage and watercolor are added later when
I have a moment with my other art materials.

Drawing while a passenger in the car
can be challenging. Squiggly lines result.
But when drawing tree shapes, it's not
required to have perfectly smooth lines.

Again drawing while in the car,
this time focusing on the clouds...

While waiting to meet a co-worker to 
car pool...drawing the surrounding parking lot
and listening to National Public Radio...
unusual phrases make their way onto
the pages, or get added later.
Trees are a frequent series of images too.

I didn't go to the circus, but spotted the
free coupon and liked its colorful images.
A good prompt for a journal page!
"Cheap sunglasses" by ZZ Top--
another great prompt.  Song lyrics 
often find their way onto my pages.

What are you having with your 
tea today?


  1. Wow! Those are all great pages! I especially like the ones you did while a passenger in a car. Unfortunately, I am usually the driver so this would not work for me!
    Happy T Day!

  2. Wonderful trees. Yep, squiggly lines work well here. And for some reason, I keep singing the phrase "marshmallow clouds," but that's all I remember. Of course I love the "landscape" on highway 23. Simply beautiful photos, and great sounding tea, too.

    Thanks so much for joining T today. I take it you've been on the go a lot lately.

  3. Always a delight to see what you're drawing and now making your own journals too...
    Extra cool you can draw while riding in a car...I can hardly read a map while riding...
    your cloud page really speaks to me and I know what you mean about finding song lyrics inspiring...always great when certain words pop out at you!
    Happy T Day to you dear Dianne...

  4. Always love your journals and sketches!
    Happy Tuesday!

  5. OK, I am seriously impressed, those drawings are brilliant and to take into account a moving car? I can imagine what mine would look like!

  6. WOW WOW WOW, I love all these pages. I'm amazed at all you get done while out and about. I could never draw this good while in a car either, LOVE TREES!! These are all awesome, thanks for sharing your beautiful journals with us.
    Happy T time on a Wednesday.

  7. hmmmm....maybe if I draw while in a car my drawings will look as good as yours. Probably not.
    Love the trees.
    love them all.

  8. Great pages! I like the size of your book, the long narrow page lends itself to some interesting compositions.

  9. What a delightful journal! It's really lovely.
    Happy T-Tuesday! :)

  10. Hi Diane, I am catching up with comments from last week or two weeks ago! Thanks for visiting.
    Yes I clip both Schnauzers, Sooty fidgets so ends up with long bits often! Alfie is usually much easier but has become a bit sensitive to metal of comb on skin, so I couldn't try and untangle him or he would have been out of there! I had to cut out any tangles instead.

    I love your drawings, you are clever to draw on the move. Your journal must be wonderful.

    Cazzy x

  11. I love your 'on the road' sketches. So cool. Those clouds are alive!
    I'm with you; I tend to be inspired by circus imagery.


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