Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Art Journal Pages

Recycled ice cream cone image
from one of my posters used in a 
weight-loss meeting.  Too fun to waste...
The quote is from Pinterest, and it
made me smile.

The 'shading' around the page border
was done with watercolor crayons.
It goes on like a crayon, and then you apply
water to soften the shading. My Sharpie
pen did not want to write on the surface
of the watercolor crayon!

The rose is a sketch on the back of a
restaurant placemat.  I tore around the 
ball point pen image, and then added watercolors.
It's pasted into my green Eco Smash Journal.

This tree logo is from a paper bag.
The store is Aldi's, a discount grocery store.
I really liked the curlicue branches, so
into the Smash Journal it went.

The sketch above is how I would like
my studio/craft room to look! In actuality it's
mostly a pile of plastic storage boxes, baskets
and one bookcase at the moment...
and has to double as a spare bedroom
when my children and grandchildren 
come to stay.

I am a list maker.  It doesn't 
necessarily make me more organized,
but it helps get ideas down so they 
don't disappear...as long as I don't
lose the list, that is!


  1. I want one of those old lockers for MY room, too. I also like that you have a real desk in your drawing.

    I had to laugh at that lovely rose drawing and how easily you can be amused (grin). That was FUNNY.

    And that brings up a point. I haven't seen a place mat anywhere I've been for a couple of years. Restaurants in my town are either way behind the times or cheap.

  2. Love the journal pages. You are quite prolific with your journal. This amazes me since your work seems so labor intensive...or at least to me.

  3. Your journal pages are each wonderful with so much to enjoy!

    The ice cream quote really speaks to me too ;)


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