Saturday, July 27, 2013

Project Journal Infiltration (virtual)

I really enjoy Roz Stendahl's blog
In 2010-2011, she had a fun project in which
she invited people to sketch her any time
that they saw her-- at the state fair, or
 anywhere out and about.  Roz thought 
it would be great fun to 'infiltrate' as
many artists' journals as possible.
(You can read more about it on her blog.)

Pen sketch before applying watercolor

The official project is long over, but when
I spotted a photo of Roz on Briana's blog
Orange Spiral Arts, I thought-
"Now's my chance to sketch Roz!"
'Cause the chances of me driving to 
Minnesota (from Ohio) are practically nil.
OK. Really not happening.

See the photo of Roz, here. (at the end of the post)
Thanks Briana for permission to 
sketch from this great shot!  Briana's post
is all about the Artist Trading Card session
that was held at the Visual Journal Collective
in Minnesota. Funny thing, Roz is usually the
one taking the photos, so we don't get to
see images of her very often.  Maybe we'll
see her in pictures from the state fair?
Last year, in the spirit of sketching at the fair,
I did a few drawings at the
Fulton county fair in Ohio.  You can
see my post about it here. I hope to
do some sketching there again this year...

And don't you just love Roz's braids!?


  1. Love Roz's braids and your drawing! I have her blog on my blog roll and read it regularly, she had a lot to share. I may have to try sketching at the fair, our county fair is only a couple week off. Did I mention....great drawing!

  2. OK, I took a slight detour before returning to leave a comment. People should NEVER leave links (grin) because people with short attention spans and a few multi-taskers will get side tracked. Love what you did, and I think you did a fantastic job of painting Roz. You are SO good at what you do!

  3. Great, great sketch! And, yes, I love her braids! And you did a wonderful job sketching them!!!!

  4. This is so great. I love Roz, and I think this is a lovely honor to her!

  5. Your sketches are always so wonderfully detailed and delightful and this one is no story to go along with it too

    I used to have braids like that ;)


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