Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Coffee and Collage: T is for Tuesday

Sketches and collage in my
Green Eco Smash book:
A very plain mug - I think it was
a cream color - along with scissors
and a paint brush.
whose 'T is for Tuesday' challenge
I am linking  this week.

While most of the participants have shared photos
of their beverage container, I remembered this 
drawing (above) and decided to go with it.

The facing page of the spread, (above)
reveals a bit of a whine...
have you been subjected to video game
sounds in a waiting room?  I very nearly
asked the person to turn them off, but no one
else seemed to be bothered, so I just prayed
the offender would be called into the office 
quickly.  I really despise that 'plunking' sound
every time the screen is touched. I wrote my
reaction down on a scrap of paper, knowing
I would put it in an art journal. The 
Jerry Seinfeld quote just seemed to fit...

ACTING on ideas makes Art.
Don't think so much, just DO.

The pre-printed background in
the Eco Smash journal has this phrase
printed in white: "Ideas are a little like
Magic Beans; they can grow us skyward."
This spread features magic marker drawings
and lettering cut from posters I've done for
illustrated talks.  They seemed to have
 too much possibility to throw away.

'T' is for Tuesday,
'C' is for coffee and collage...
what letter are you working on today?


  1. Love the collage and coffee. Simply PERFECT for T. And of course, I love all your art, too. It's always fun to see your Smash book as you fill it.

    Had to laugh at the Seinfeld quote. A show I never watched, not even once. But apparently, he was quite funny.

    Thanks for joining T and sharing with us. I was thrilled when I saw your name.

  2. Stopped by for T Tuesday. It is amazing how inconsiderate people can be in waiting rooms. I've heard people on the phone carrying on nonessential conversations. Stunning journal pages.

  3. Just me...visiting from Elizabeth's link-up.
    I have seen every single Seinfeld episode at least 12 times. That quote has been muttered a few times in our family too. Not that we are perfect....but some folks do make you scratch your head and go..."huh?"

    I like your coffee collage and I am going to go snoop around your blog a bit.

  4. Popping over from Elizabeth's. Love all your art, fabulous strong colours!


  5. Beautiful collages. Love the woman's face gazing downward.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  6. Glad I clicked on your link today because I would have missed this Dianne.
    Your art journals must be fabulous!


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