Friday, July 19, 2013

Draw, Paint, Collage. On Index Cards

Two weeks worth of index cards...
Acrylic craft paint on 4"x 6" index cards for the first of
the two weeks~July 6-12, 2013
 of the Index Card a Day challenge.
Visit Tammy at Daisy Yellow to visit other
artists doing the challenge!

July 8 & 9 - I decided to add some
drawing with the Sharpie pen...

July 10 - I drew a face over the
dried acrylic paint with a Sharpie
bullet-tip marker. Highlights added
with white Sakura jellyroll pen.

The paintings above and below started out
being a "wipe your brush free of color and
excess water" surface. Then the pen lines 
were drawn to suggest  brush strokes;
dashes and dots suggesting the stops and
starts of paint going onto the paper surface.

For the second week, July 13-19:  
Above, doodle motifs were added to 
sections of this painting for added texture.

Above, a Sharpie pen drawing after
a photo of a fresco of an archangel...

A collage from scraps, above.

Tulips and a bird, inspired by American folk art...
I think I will revisit this theme in the future.

"Draw and Paint your own embellishments
whenever you can."  Pink scrapbook paper,
hand-drawn green label, and my painting
of a violet-inspired flower in the left corner.

More dash and dot drawing over paint,
this time with watercolors.  Below, a tiny
collage added as a focal point to
the painted background.

Twelve days left of the Index Card a Day challenge.
Next week, I plan to create some cards
inspired by American Folk Art.  So stop by
 to see some art inspired by 
early American Frakturs.

To see some Folk Art from previous years,
go here and here.

Many thanks to all who visit!


  1. As always, you impress me with your art and drawings. But of course, the collages are the closest to my heart. Your always colorful art (even when it's b & w) always makes me smile.

    I've missed you so much. I'm glad you are back.

  2. OMG these are so cool! I love them. I think you need to put them all together into a book. DON'T DISAPPOINT ME!!

    Oh, okay. You can do whatever you want. But thanks for sharing all these. I love this challenge. I'm thinking that I'm going to do it the rest of the year. I can't bear to not do it. DON'T TELL ME NOT TO DO IT!

    is someone yelling?

  3. Wonderful variety of icads! Love your distinct style!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. I love all the cards...the little mini paintings and collage are my favorite ones!

  5. Dianne,

    You were sweet enough to leave a comment on my blog and I am having some tech problems and couldn't reply there. BUT! I am so glad it happened because it brought me here and I got to see your wonderful work. LOVE it. I think I've not been seeing them on ICAD! I am going to go through them all over coffee:) Thanks so much for visiting my blog and I hope we can visit eachother now:)

  6. Love your colours, wonderful

  7. Wow! I love your work! Your ICADs are beautiful! so much movement in them! Thanks so much for visiting me & your kind words!

  8. Wow! These are great. I love them all, but especially the first four. Such beautiful colours and lines. Lovely.

  9. these are ♥AMAZING♥! i love the ones made from embellished brush cleaning cards, especially, but really every single one is beautiful and intriguing and WOW! :)

  10. Great ICADs! I love the idea of taking "clean your brush" marks and developing them into an abstract....and I love the color palette - whatever you were working on must be delightful!


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