Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Trees on Tuesday

Trees are a recurring theme

 repeated in various forms

in my art journals.

I am not quite sure why they
fascinate me...

maybe it's their sculptural forms

 or the wide variety of styles of portrayal
over the centuries.

Longing for green buds to appear...

♣   ♣   ♣

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  1. I am always fascinated by the way you incorporate many art styles and eras in your art, and these trees are no exception. Wonderful take on trees, too. Gotta love the shamrocks you added, too.

  2. Hello and Happy T Day!! I never get tired of trees either, keep sharing them please. I enjoyed all these ones you shared, all different and all loved.

    Hope you are staying warm, we are cold here and had snow on Sunday. Thank you for sharing!

  3. beautiful pages of trees Dianne! I too love trees.Somehow they remind me of staying grounded. Happy T day.

  4. Great sketches. Each page is unique. I especially love the first page, very colorful.
    Happy T for Tuesday

  5. I'm longing to see those tree buds, too! I know many of us have had enough of this Winter. Your trees are all really beautiful. Happy T Day!

  6. Happy T-Day!
    Oh yes, I love trees too. I love them with or without the leaves. They are great sculptures. Love all the different styles they are presented.

  7. You asked about the cakes. Yes, they are called King Cakes. I remember because I copied the recipe and added it in an envelope one year for my Mardi Gras tip-ins I hosted on ABC.

    From what I recall, they were a bit like a coffee cake. Although it seemed like every baker had his/her spin on the King Cake, they all had similar ingredients and amounts. And yes, I have a couple of those little plastic babies they bake into the cake. One of the swappers (Mary DW) included them as a hostess gift.

  8. Hope you had a good Tuesday! Your tree artwork is lovely. I like how the treetops on the first one look a bit like Easter eggs. I hear ya on the longing for spring. Take care. :)

  9. Really wonderful artwork you have created inspired by trees Dianne with such a nice variety...

    there is something timeless and majestic about trees that represent life and growth and a kind of wisdom of the ages and more...
    I ♥ trees!
    Hope you had a Happy T Day

  10. Sorry I am late for T-day, had G-ma duty yesterday. But I had to come by and see what you are doing.....yes I am sooo nosy! LOL

    All of these are right up my alley!!! I LOVE trees too. I draw them, paint them, stamp then and photograph them.
    Your pages are fantastic, LOVE, LOVE the tree and clouds!

  11. i have a soft spot for trees, and you offer such a variety here. thx!

  12. You amaze with with all of your different styles. To see a collection such as this is wonderful.
    Sorry I'm late but I did manage a post...a day late and all. :)

  13. Hello again,
    Just had to come back and say I was excited you went to see Frozen!! I am glad you liked it too, such a cute movie.

    Also, thank you so much for the nice comment and support on my ATC. I am new at them so the support and kind words goes a long way, THANK YOU!!
    I would love to see you making some, your art is always so awesome and makes me happy!!

    Have a nice day and hope to see you again on Tuesday!

  14. Oh Gosh. What a wonderful feast for my eyes. Sorry I am late coming over but so glad I did.
    Beautiful pieces and all so different.

  15. Love trees! You have such an impressive variety of styles and types of trees in these pages! Beautiful. :)
    Happy very belated T-Day!


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