Thursday, March 6, 2014

Art Journal Pages: Road Trip

Palm trees in Florida~
don't know the exact type but they
are lovely... just came back from
a vacation in Panama City Beach.  
A beautiful beach,
and certainly a lot warmer 
than Ohio!

Above, a freeway barrier that we passed in the beginning
of our trip. I've seen it many times, but suddenly
realized it might make a good journal page...

Playing music on the CD player makes
the hours driving more enjoyable...and
prevents having to surf the radio stations
for something we like.
This page gave me opportunity
to doodle and try out lettering styles.

I don't recommend the 'yetti' voice for the
Garmen GPS...completely unable to understand
what is being said. Good for a laugh I suppose, if
you think grunts are funny and
you already have a good idea where you're going,
but then what's the point?  We stuck with
'Dr. Nightmare.'  

Still life of my finds on the
first walk on the beach of 2014.
The shells are tiny, or broken pieces
but I still always end up picking up a few...
A small feather from a seagull too,
that I couldn't resist.

The sun is shining and the snow
is melting. Maybe there really is
hope for Spring...


  1. You got me at Palm Trees, my very favorite tree in the world. Wish I could grow them here, although I had one for over ten years that lived in a pot. Of course, I recognized some of the artists on your play list, but have never had a GPS, so got a laugh out of that.

    Glad your snow is starting to melt. Same here, but they say we might get more tonight. Of course, the weather people say it could be a "wintery mix," too. I sure hope not. Have a lovely rest of the week, dear.

  2. Ah, I feel refreshed now. Thanks for sharing your vacation journal pages!

  3. I need to get to the beach!! Love your travel journal. I don't think our GPS has anything but male and female or choices. Yetti is hysterical.


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