Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Counterfeit on T Tuesday

Tuesday is the day that Elizabeth and Bluebeard
(Elizabeth's dignified cat) have a Link Party
over at Altered Book Lover blog.
We share what we have in our cups
(mine is coffee, not tea) and what project
we are working on, so visit the gang for T Tuesday!

I purchased a new mug on vacation...it was
on sale -- I love a good sale! --- and it
has a retro-style Mini Mouse on one side,
and Mickey on the other. Fun and delightful!

My messy table with piles of paper, art journals,
decorative tape, watercolors, and my
Documented Life Journal.  It is addicting...
one calendar page per week to keep track of
my schedule, and three surfaces on the right to
make art or journal. (In this photo, the flap on
the right is covered by the loose back cover
 that folds over/into the book.

I bought some cheap fluorescent craft paint
a while back, and have enjoyed using it for 
postcards and journal pages.  It is more
transparent than other craft paint, so it requires
a bit of practice to get used to...Love the intensity
of the colors.  This photo was taken on our new camera
and I think I was using a 'pop art' filter...so the 
color may be even more intense...

I've created another blog, called
for my Fake Journal projects.
Every April, Roz Stendahl of
Roz Wound Up conducts a challenge
to create a Fake Journal.
  What is a Fake Journal?
You can choose who you want to be,
what you do for a living, and how you
make your journal....
make up a fantastic story, or just
draw from a different perspective.
Visit Roz on the challenge blog at
So far, I've journaled from the perspective
of a Native American shaman, and a 
student of Asian art and philosophy.
My fake journal posts in April this year
will be posted on my blog
to see what adventures I will have
beginning in April!

Happy Spring to all...

 •   ♦  •


  1. your illustrations are so colorful and pretty. I especially LOVE the "pop art" doodle. Your new journal challenge sounds very interesting but I have more than enough to do already. Happy T day!

  2. I do remember hearing about Roz's fake journals. Have a great time! You don't have "follow by email" over there, though.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  3. It is always a treat to see what you are creating dear Dianne!!!
    Wishing you a Happy T Day...

  4. Wow! love the bright colors!! I also loved seeing your workspace.
    Happy Tuesday!

  5. LOVE the neon colored paint!! Also checked out your confederate journal.....really cool.

    Happy T-day

  6. Happy spring to you, too, and Happy T (Coffee) Day! You've made me want to get some of those day-glow paints. They look like fun. :)

  7. Oh, your mug is so cute! Happy t day :)
    I love your journal and the idea of a fake one sounds so fun!!

  8. I love your new journal challenge - sounds like fun. your fluorescent doodles for your journal are beautiful.

  9. Hello Dianne, love seeing your gorgeous art and colors!! What a great job your doing on the DLP, so fun! The postcard is bright and YUMMY!! I like those colors too when painting. This last project sounds cool, will have to check it out. Can't wait to see your pages in April for it. Thanks for sharing the link and story about it.
    CUTE MUG!! I love Mickey and the gang!!
    Hope spring is coming to Ohio soon and staying. I remember that 80 degree day in March too, so nice to have a warm up.
    Happy T Day!

  10. Very colorful pages. A fake journal? I'm going to have to check that out.


  11. Happy (day late) T-Day!
    Love the neon color. You were right it does pop!
    Fake Journal ... got it! I book marked your page and will check Roz's page also to see what's that all about. Very interesting idea.

  12. I just got home and had to rush over to see what you were working on this week for T. I loved seeing your workspace. It looks well used and loved. And of course, your DLP seems to be coming along nicely, too.

    I can't wait to see what you do this year for your Fake Journal. I remember the last two you participated in, so will be watching your new blog in April.

    Wow, those are some bright colors for your postcard. It will sure keep the postal people awake (grin). Thanks for joining T this week and thanks for sharing your darling retro Minnie/Mickey mug. I remember seeing a Disney special a few years ago on the first Mickey. He and Minnie have sure changed.

  13. The idea of a Fake Journal is very intriguing! I'll keep a watch out on your new blog!

    Mickey and Minnie have had so many changes thru the years--but I love them all!


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