Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Travel on T Tuesday

Sharing some vacation photos

from Panama City Beach, Florida

We were there just before the madness
of Spring break. Headed back to Ohio through
freezing rain,
sleet, and

Guess I just need a cup of tea to warm up again...
Please visit Altered Book Lover
and have tea (or coffee) with
the group!

♥  ♥  ♥


  1. we're beginning to see a bit of spring here.

    i love florida, and your pictures make me feel like i've had a mini-vacation to the beach :) thx!

  2. Looks like a beautiful place to visit! The sun had to be a real mood booster!

  3. Lovely pictures of Florida, I've always wanted to visit there. It must have been a NICE break form the harsh winter you've been having.

    Cute tea cup drawing. I love to draw them, quick easy and gives the Mojo a kick in the pants....LOL
    Happy T-day

  4. Gorgeous photos. Bummer that you had to come back to crummy weather.
    Happy Tuesday

  5. lovely teacup illustration Dianne. How nice to get away from an icky winter by spending time at a warm beach-just look at that beautiful ocean! It's never easy going home for me after time at the beach. Hope Spring weather is just around the corner for us all.

  6. Your trip reminds me of ones I used to take to SOCal in the winter. I used to say it was to warm my bones. What a letdown when you get home, though. The cold seems even harder to take after so much wonderful warmth.

    Glad you missed the insanity of Spring Break. Maybe it's just me, but it seems quite early this year. or maybe it's because it's been so very cold and nasty this winter.

    Regardless, I'll share a cup with you in that beautiful cup. It's a real winner, too! Thanks for sharing it during T(ea) this week.

  7. Pretty tea cup drawing!
    I bet those beaches look a lot different at spring break. I would talk the solitude any day of the week. Looks just serene. :)
    Happy T-Day!

  8. Lovely photos of your beach getaway Dianne...bet it was fun twinkling your toes in warm sand and soaking up the sun...
    I could walk on the beach for hours and hours...
    Beautiful tea cup!
    Happy T Day to you

  9. Looks like a great vacation. What a gorgeous beach. Happy T Day!

  10. Happy T-Day!
    Looked like a nice warm vacation! :) Too bad you had to leave but thank goodness you left before getting over run by those crazy young party kids. Oh boy, did I sound old!
    Beautiful tea cup sketch.

  11. How awesome that you got away and enjoyed some sun and beach. Maybe you should have stayed another week and not be here for the new snowstorm coming AGAIN!! I'm happy we just had a some warm spring like days, needed that break so bad.

    Happy T Day and stay warm!

  12. Looks like you had a great break. Hope the sun comes over to you soon

  13. What stunning holiday photos. Oh how do I wish I could be there right now!
    Thanks for sharing and Happy T Day +1!

  14. Your photos make me wish to be walking on a sandy beach somewhere. Hope you enjoyed your tea yesterday, like the cup sketch.



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