Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Triangles on Tuesday

'T'  could be for Triangle...
triangles could represent jagged teeth,
broken dishes, or happy pennants
flapping in the wind...

The Documented Life Challenge
for Week 7 was to:  
Draw a shape. Repeat. Add color.

I decided on triangles...
when finished I thought that the
triangles seemed aggressive. 
They create stars when intersected...
which was unintentional, but it's the
nature of the geometry.

 I couldn't resist making 
some circles too.  They seem
much calmer.  It's hard to stop
adding doodles!

◘   ◘   ◘

Visit Elizabeth today
for T Tuesday, to see
what she (and others) are up to.


  1. I'm thrilled that you are keeping up with your DLP. This week seems like one I might actually enjoy, since I'm rather geometric, too. In fact, those circles make me want to dig out my old Spirograph and trace around it using colored pencils.

    Glad that you are having a great week in the fun and sun. Don't come back too soon, though, because I understand the snow is going to be flying again soon.

    Happy T(ea) today, dear.

  2. Now that you point it out ;) ... I kind of agree about triangles and circles do seem to have a flow to them that is very pleasing...
    BUT that said Dianne you make everything look special in your drawings!
    Happy T Day to you

  3. i think of the triangles as more like the joyous pennants instead of aggressive. your circles do look more laid back. i like them both! :)

  4. In your second drawing of triangles my eye saw lots of kites so triangles can also be happy! Enjoy your Tea Day!

  5. fantastic pages - I do love your triangles-they have a cool abstract appeal! Happy T day to you.

  6. Your triangle and the shading inside them are so beautiful. The doodled circleS are also pretty. I too use them a lot in my journals.
    Happy T for Tuesday

  7. Hello and Happy T Day to you!! WOW, those triangles are awesome, how fun! The circles are neat too, love circles. I liked this prompt for the repeated shapes too, can't go wrong with shapes.

    Thanks for sharing! Stay warm too, hoping spring will come soon.

  8. OOOOH I love geometric shapes, to draw, paint, color or to just look at! These two pages are fantastic!
    Happy T-day

  9. Happy T day :) I do love the drawings and the colours you chose

  10. Beautiful triangles there. Your book looks fabulous. The circles look fabulous too. Great eye candy!
    Thanks for popping over.

  11. The geometrics are beautiful. I love all the colours you have used

  12. Hi! There are not enough hours in the day, and I ran out of time to visit all the T-Day blogs yesterday. So, here I am on a Wednesday. :)

    Your geometric pages look good. It's interesting that reproducing an uncomplicated shape can result in an intricate design, isn't it?

  13. Yes, I tend to like circles better, but the triangles look good, too. And I didn't think--they make stars!! :)
    Happy belated T-Day! :)

  14. I have to agree, the circles are much gentler to look at than the jagged cornered triangles, yet they both have place and look lovely.

  15. These are all glorious, dianne. I had to come back again and have another look, they were so lovely.


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