Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Doodle Painting on T Tuesday

I made a loose leaf Planner/Art Journal
for The Documented Life Project. I wanted 
to be able to bind the pages with book rings
so I could add or remove pages as I pleased.
It is much easier to take the pages out and
work on them flat, rather than in the book.
Also easier to scan the completed art.

This is a wrap-around cover created by
painting cotton fabric with craft acrylics.
The black is permanent marker or Sharpie
paint marker.  The fabric is still flexible
after it dries.  The top scan shows the
torn fabric strip used for holding the
journal closed. The second scan is the
cover without the yellow fabric tie.

Above, the overlap inside that extends
from the back cover.

And the back cover, above.

The Documented Life Project cover
that I collaged using card stock,
scrapbook paper, ledger paper, 
adhesive numbers, and some

Each 'spread' in the journal has a
seven day calendar page on the left,
and on the right an extra flap of 
watercolor paper (or other paper)
is 'tipped in' to make extra room for
art, notes, journaling...whatever.

Lots of doodles on my calendar page...

To the right of the calender page is the two 
page spread created by the 'tipped in' page.
Decorative tape connects the tip-in to the
base page.  These collages use
scrapbook paper, hand-drawn border motifs,
washi tape, ephemera, craft paint, 
watercolor, and Sharpie pen.  I dig around
in my 'scrap pile' to find what I think will 
look good. The waves were from some
scrapbook embellishments that I drew
last year and had some copies left over.

With the tip-in folded closed, this
is the page that shows to the 
right of the calendar page.
After our unusually snowy and
'arctic blast' winter, I am ready for
some images with Springy themes!

It's been a fun project so far, but I have no
idea if I will be able to stick with the weekly
prompts for a whole year!  You can find
more info on the blog Art to the 5th.

Joining Elizabeth today for
T Tuesday...even though I'm not
drinking tea or even discussing anything
related to the letter 'T'!

I will leave you with a sketch of a
tea cup... Happy T Tuesday!


  1. I like the idea of ring book pgs. I too like to work on pages that are flat. I admire you and others who take on these long challenges. I don't start because I know I'd never keep up.


  2. How awesome your DYL journal is, LOVED SEEING YOUR PAGES!! What a cool idea to do it with rings, I agree it's easier to work on the pages this way. What a great job your doing on this, hope you will continue it thru the year. I haven't joined in yet but really want to.
    Sweet teacup you have sketched too.
    Stay warm, it's cold and windy and no school again here. Can't wait for spring either.
    Happy T Day!

  3. I considered a ring book for my two year long projects this year, then decided I'd use the large 3-ring binder I had originally used to hold last year's calendar pages. I really like how you created yours, and I like to work flat, too. And knowing what my substrate is and how much abuse it will take, is an added bonus.

    Your art is, as always, stunning. You make incredible collages that are simply TO DIE FOR. Of course, that Tea Cup is absolutely divine, too. Happy T(ea) today. Stay warm, because it's getting a bit warmer here. Spring may actually arrive, but not in 29 days, I fear.

  4. i like the style of your cover art. i hope you get your spring soon. i'm ready, too! i would definitely buy your cup if i saw it in a shop. :)

  5. Beautiful makes for your DL journal. Like the fabric cover idea.
    Thanks for stopping by this week, hope things start warming up for you, but not so fast you float away.

  6. what great way to be organized-and so pretty to look at too! Love the tea cup sketch.

  7. gorgeous color combo on your 3 ring which is a great all around idea Dianne!

    it will be fabulous filled with your great artwork!!!

    wishing you a very Happy T Day

  8. Lovely as usual. your sketch of the nest is amazing!! Love, Love!

  9. This is just beautiful! I love the soft colors and doodling! xo

  10. Love the colors on your journal cover. It's bright but soft. That's a BIG challenge you are taking on. Can't wait to see more. I am ashamed to say I can't even make it to tea every Tuesday.

  11. I am liking your doodlebobs! They look great and the idea of book rings is a great one. Good luck.

  12. I didn't make it to post for T Tuesday this week, but had to stop by and see what you are up to. Your collages and journal pages are so special. They have so many details!

  13. I love your project life folder. the shops here have just started selling all sorts of paraphernalia for it, but i think it is better when you make your own like you have.


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