Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Art Journal Pages

Watercolor in my Documented Life Journal/Planner.
Our challenge this week was to open up one of our
boards on Pinterest (or any other resource we chose)
and create art from someone who inspires us.
I chose a photo from the blog Idemakeriet by Gerda
in Sweden.  I just needed a bit of Spring...
we got another four inches of snow last night.
I adore the idea of putting a little egg and an 
onion bulb in a nest. And love the vintage door handle!

Above, the tangle from last week,
with watercolor added.  I think it makes
the design 'read' more clearly...

A friend with chocolate!

Above, a collage in progress...
I think perhaps it needs text.
What do you think?


  1. These are great! I especially love your interpretation of the photo! Excellent! :)

  2. Great work. I love anything with chocolate. But I especially like your tangle. I do tangles, but nothing as polished as your snakes!

  3. Yet another media site I don't belong to is Pinterest. I tried to join, but must belong to Facebook in order to sign up. What a sad commentary when everything is attached to Facebook.

    I love your drawing, though. I love the bulb and egg in the nest, and the sprigs of what remind me of rosemary. You made me believe spring might actually arrive one of these days.

    My heat has not shut off since I got electricity back, and it's still only up to about 50 F in here. And I assure you, my office is the warmest of all the rooms because of the computer. So of course I can relate to those negative numbers.

    Have a super rest of the weekend, dear.

  4. Your tangle is amazing...gorgeous!

  5. Well, I am not on pinterest, but I did try out the documented life project. Then, life just got in the way of all my ambitions. It's difficult to keep up! This is a great challenge idea though. We learn from each other.
    I think the final collage is great because I love geometrics. I don't often add words to my work, at least not many. Words can really enrich a page, but there are times when they detract, also. Hmmm...


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