Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Altered Bottles on T Tuesday

Altered jars that I created for gifts.
Materials used:
Burlap, lace, ribbon, buttons...

music paper, scrapbook paper, vintage paper,
shabby fabric roses that I made, 
charms or vintage-style keys,
 beads, twine, silk flowers, and 
basically whatever I could get my hands on!
Some of the lace borders I actually crocheted myself.
I used a white and cream color palette for a vintage look.

I put tea light candles in them, but you could
fill them with buttons, clothespins, thread spools, or
art supplies in your craft room.  They were fun to make
and no two were exactly alike.

Above, an art journal page
with a Degas quote and various
flower motifs. Sharpie pen and watercolor.
I am still depending on color to warm
me during this cold, snowy winter!

Enjoying my coffee with a bit
of cocoa powder on another
cold morning.  Minus 11 degrees F!

Linking up with Elizabeth's 
T Tuesday blog hop.  Hope you will visit
her to see what other artists are
doing this Tuesday!


  1. Hello and Happy T Day! WOW, these are gorgeous, love them so much. How pretty they are for Valentines, maybe on a mantel or on the dining room table, so pretty!!
    How nice it is to see your art journal pages too, enjoyed them both. It's cold in my part of Ohio too, what a crazy winter it's been. Stay warm! Thanks for sharing and have a good day!

  2. These are beautiful! I've been save jars for something but didn't know what...I may have to make a couple of these to pretty up my space. :)
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. I love your beautiful jars. The idea they could be used to hold TEA lights made me smile. of course, I was most appreciative of the beautiful way you decorated the jars. They are all stunning, and a clever way to recycle a jar that would actually end up in the recycle bin.

    Gotta agree that we need something hot today. For the past 10 days it's not been above freezing in my world. I can't seem to get my heat up, either, even though it runs day and night.

    Thanks for sharing all this beauty during T today. I love the Degas inspired watercolor, too.

  4. Your altered jars are amazing, so pretty!
    That journal page is gorgeous!!!!!
    Thanks for the earlier visit, sending you some WARM love!

  5. your jars are lovely. :)

    i've never tried just putting straight cocoa powder in coffee, but guess what i'll be doing with my next cup ;) thx for the idea

  6. Your jars are gorgeous!!! I see ACMoore has been promoting burlap pieces and bits lately. Your illustration with all the delicate flowers is so pretty. happy T day and try to stay warm!

  7. Those jars are really pretty and I can imagine a flickering light inside glowing away. Lovely ink and watercolor! Cold here, too. :) Happy T-Day!

  8. I like the neutral color palette you selected for your jars--that way they go with any decor! I'd love to make a few of this to decorate a window sill.

  9. All your projects are wonderful. Your jars are gorgeous and I especially love those flower motifs on your journal page. They are so beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing.

  10. Hello! Your jars are great; I like the shabby chic feel of them

    You asked how I attach netting to my page. I staple two little pieces of scrap paper to the netting--one above, one below. Then I just use regular adhesive on the scrap papers to add the netting to my project and layer other paper on top of it. Because of the layering, the staples and scratch paper do not show on the finished piece. I hope that explanation made sense.

    Happy T Day!

  11. A great way to use up all the scraps of lace I have hoarded. Must go and find some jars

  12. Very clever and pretty altered jars. I think I'd keep the tea light in one although as you said they make useful storage jars too.

    Enjoyed seeing your sketch of your mug.



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