Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool 2013

April Fool's Day always makes 
me think of court fools, or jesters...
so here is my rendition of a court Fool.
I added a medieval style border
and background, since his costume
was inspired by an illuminated 

Several types of court fools existed:
people who were considered "mad" or crazy~
  some may have been small in stature. 
 The fool that I find most interesting
 was the witty person whose behavior
 and comment was accepted by royal decree.  
 Humor could be used to illuminate the truth
when a plain statement of fact or opinion might be
considered offensive. A Fool could get away
with saying what courtiers could not.

 "In a world of fools, it is the person
who realizes his own innate folly...
who is truly wise."

In 1508, the French poet Eloy d'Amerval
referred to a 'poisson d'avril'
April Fool
literally translated April Fish!
I hope your day is filled with humor and fun!


  1. I'm no fool!! Your court jesters are gorgeous. However, no short jokes from the jester, please (I hope you remember I'm 4'11").

  2. I really like your fools:-) The first one especially seems to have something to say... his pained expression and finger says it all... maybe he "knows" from experience?

  3. ooo I am such a fan of medieval ... your pages with those fantastic borders are really special Dianne!

    Happy April

  4. these are the prettiest fools ever!!!!


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