Tuesday, April 16, 2013

White Couds~Fake Journal 2013

Gouache on craft paper, with Sharpie pen

Click on any image for larger view

What do you see in the clouds?

To learn more about
click on the link.  There's still time to
make one of your own!

...never explain.


  1. I confess that your sage looks a lot healthier than mine right now. Snow and rain covered, mine looks pretty puny.

    I love your clouds. They make me want to be outdoors, but it's too nasty out and there are no clouds in MY sky. So I will just watch yours instead (grin).

  2. Those are lovely pages, Dianne! I like the way the colors and white show up on the brown kraft pages.

  3. Ohhhhhhh, I love, love, love your clouds! How did you do that? Did you use gouache? You're such an accomplished watercolorist...you can save the white space. However, you did them...they are lovely and have so much feeling.

  4. Dianne, your pages are all so gorgeous, delicate and peaceful. Your work with gouache is very inspiring — great style! Love your fake journal!

  5. Oh, catching up here, and I love your tree! with clouds!

  6. Lovely peaceful clouds. This has such a spiritual feel to it!

  7. Lovely gouache work Dianne! Your journal is so peaceful and evocative I love spending time here!


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