Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fake Journal-Never Explain

Roz Stendahl's logo for IFJM

What if you could be somebody else?
A different person, doing different things?
That's what a Fake Journal is about...
life is short, why live only one?

If you'd like to see my Fake Journal
from 2012, go here.

Visit Roz of Roz Wound Up if 
you would like to do a Fake Journal
during the month of April! 
Click on the logo in the side bar to read 
how you can be part of the Fake Out.
And...Never Explain...


  1. I look forward to your fake out this year!

  2. I remember your fake journal from last year! I haven't joined Roz in this yet, but I really think she and you are groovy.

  3. This is charming! LOVE your composition :)


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