Sunday, April 21, 2013

Smash Journal Collage

Taking a break from the Fake Journal today.
A brightly colored collage seemed in order.
Various papers, fabric, a game image,
a tiny collage, painted paper, and 
my own leaf/apple watercolor & pen design.
Smash your stuff into any art journal!
It doesn't have to be 'organized', 
just experiment and have fun.
How are you 
having fun these days?


  1. I love what you "smashed". I'm having a lot of fun doing journal pages as well. They end up very random. Some are experiments...some meaningful...some just for fun.

  2. Your "smash" looks pretty well put together, I'd say. I love how you've put the piece together!

  3. I'm still not sure what a "smash" book is supposed to be, but I sure like this page you've created.

    And I'm not having a whole lot of fun lately. I think I'd rather be home taking care of my OWN cat (grin).

  4. This is great!!! I always say I want to collage and don't get around to trying it.

  5. Love it! I like the idea of having fun!

  6. Ich liebe es, einfach das, was mir in die Hände fällt, aufs Papier zu kleben :) sehr schön Deine Smash Seite...hab heute schon viel Spass gehabt, sonst würd ich jetzt auch schnell noch ein bischen smashen ;) ♥ Conny

  7. rough translation of Pia's comment: I love it, just what I fell into the hands, to stick to the paper :) Very nice your Smash page ... I had a lot of fun today, otherwise I would now also quickly a little bit smashen ;) ♥ Conny on Smash Journal collage

  8. Cool smash book!
    And thanks for stopping by my blog earlier for PPF!

  9. SUCH a cool idea - using the smash book concept for a regular journal. Love it :)
    I just bought my first smash book but I like this idea better - and it's beautiful and so original! xo


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