Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Bunnies

A blessed and joyful Easter
to you all...
Don't eat too much chocolate!

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  1. Your adorable bunnies remind me of peeps, those rather disgusting marshmallow chickens I was introduced to about three years ago. I'm not saying your bunnies remind me of marshmallows, they sort of look like they could be found in a peeps type box of gooey goodies.

    Now that I've dug my way even further into a hole, I hope you understand that your cute bunnies were intended to be a compliment, and not even an off handed one. Personally I suspect if I hadn't tried to compare your adorable Easter bunnies with gross colored marshmallows, I would have been less misunderstood (GRIN).

    Have a totally awesome, safe, joyful, and reverent Easter.


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