Friday, March 29, 2013

Paint and Collage

Painting over book text:  permanent marker,
 gesso, and blue watercolor mounted
on scrapbook paper in an art journal
that I constructed myself.

Above and below, collages in my Smash Journal.
The blue branch on the right
came from a Kleenex box!
My own lettering and motifs
 were drawn in marker and 
painted in watercolor. I was
feeling like some geometric
Kandinsky-like designs were 
in order for the day.

Quotes and collage on scrapbook paper.
Bits of collected ephemera, stickers and fabric.
Below, a poem with drawings and 
collage. I love that little vintage
game piece with the candle...

I will have greetings for Easter
April Fool's Day
so do stop by and visit again soon!


  1. Beautiful pages! I especially love the last "Day before April" page.

  2. These are really lovely journal pages, you've chosen such beautiful soft colours for all the pages.

  3. Wow! Your pages are absolutely gorgeous and would all look wonderful framed. Have a blessed Paschal Weekend!

  4. Lovely pages you made. Happy Easter!

  5. what wonderful pages these are! I love type studies so much too, and teh details are great

  6. I like the way the pages look in your journal. Nice work. Thank you. Happy Easter and PPF!

  7. smashing collaged pages.

    Happy PPF and Happy Easter, Annette x

  8. Wonderful pages! I so admire your ability to draw and letter. Happy Easter to you too.

  9. Wonderful journal pages and thanks for sharing some of your process!! Very pretty! Happy Easter!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. I LOVE your art journalpages and the Kandinsky-like designs!

  11. BEAUTIFUL line work and composition! Love our sense of color as well!

  12. As always, I adore your art. I'd like to add I think that first image (bird and scroll in frame) should be turned into a rubber stamp or maybe a stencil. You would make a fortune on that one image alone.

    I got a big laugh when I read "the thing to do when you're feeling sad" quote. At first, when I skimmed the image, I thought it finished with "is to shoot the good feelings." Impressive (and in this case humorous) what one word left from a sentence can do!!

  13. You created such beauty and calm in your journal pages.

    Happy PPF!


  14. I love your pages! My favorite is the first one with the blue watercolor and bookpage! I have always wanted to play around with book pages! :) Great works here!

  15. Your work is beautiful. I really can understand your use of recycling such as the tissue box. I have a soft sppot for collage and recycling too is another passion.
    Wonderful pages and journal work

  16. Beautiful! I love when the text shows through a painting on book page. Happy Easter!

  17. I really enjoyed your journal pages. There was a calmness and beauty on them that I really appreciated.

  18. all really beautiful pages!! Love the day before April! Happy PPF!

  19. You pages are wonderful and really draw me in Dianne!!!
    I am glad I am not the only one who gets taken my images on ordinary things like tissue boxes ...
    great use of that ...
    your dove is especially wonderful!

    Happy Easter to you and yours!

  20. Paintings and drawings on book pages are a favorite of mine and this one is so beautiful. Fun journal pages, too.

  21. What fabulous pages! Such interest and diversity.

  22. So pretty! I love your lettering. <3 Happy PPF!

  23. Happy PPF, your lettering is wonderful and so varied! Love your pages and their graphic nature. xox

  24. Diane, Congratulations on being the featured artist for April 5 on PPF. Your pages are beautiful. My sister often uses tissue box pieces in her art work.


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