Friday, March 8, 2013

Art Journal Collages

Above, Smash book pages...from our Road Trip to 
Panama City Beach, Fla., with a stop off in
Clarksville, TN.  Enjoyed our time, but it was
all too short!  The little watercolor at bottom
left was done with watercolor pencils.
Sunshine, sand and waves were just the
colors I needed to refresh my winter blahs...

When we got back from our all-too-short vacation,
I promptly got a terrible cold, but we did go out
to eat in a local restaurant, and I couldn't resist
doodling on the back of the place mat...

I took the place mat with me and used it for
these collages...used the ads and my drawings
together. Considered adding color, but
decided I liked the white, black and tan as is.

More Smash book pages using odds and ends...
the bottom is a postcard showing a still life by
Frida Kahlo. I adore the color!

Same page with postcard flipped up.
On the back of the postcard,
I wrote out an excerpt from a book about Frida,
and created a watercolor inspired by
Mexican folk art designs.

Collage on the facing page.
This is not my usual style of collage, as it is
more of a grid-type composition. I usually
overlap the elements in my collages.
The colored pencil design on the right
 is inspired by Native American beading and embroidery.
I believe I was researching the Delaware (Lenape) but
it was years ago, and I can't find my source now...
see how long my scraps can be buried in a
box, tub, book or tin?!

Any time I need inspiration, I can always
find it in ancient, classical or modern art!
What inspires you?


  1. You have been busy and your work is all so full of colour and energy... hope the cold has disappeared...xx

  2. Very interesting pages. I like them!

  3. Wonderful pages!
    I am a big fan of Frida Kahlo...and road trips to the beach!!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  4. Very nice work.... great job!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. I love all of your collages! They're so much fun!!

    I've never done any, you're inspiring me to take it up!


  6. I love the monkey hanging around the lady's shoulders in your doodle. They seem to be wondering why we might be staring! ;) Did you really download a GPS spooky voice? What a riot!!

  7. Yes, excellent. I like these beautiful compositions full of creativity, exquisite.

  8. smashing collaged pages.
    Happy PPF, Annette.

  9. What an intriguing and beautiful series of journal pages. Thanks for sharing your compelling work. I think we all grow so much from keeping a journal.

  10. It is always nice to have a change of scenery and it looks like your getaway was special in so many ways!

    I admire you for being able to sketch and draw your experiences ... your smash book looks great
    what fun to use your placemat too.

    Hope you are feeling much better, seems lots of people are under the weather

    Take care Dianne

  11. I thought I left a comment here already, but it seems not .... I love the way you used those doodled faces on the placemats and put them in a collage. Great idea! And you're right, the combination of b&w&tan is great.

  12. The beach! Oh what I'd give to visit a ocean beach that is. Lovely journal pages!

  13. Cat~yes, we really did put a 'spooky' voice on our GPS. It was a hoot! kept us awake for the long drive. Dr. Nightmare was supposed to be a Halloween voice I guess, but we loved him in Feb. too!

  14. Wonderful work as always, Dianne.

  15. Your journal pages are beautiful! Love both the colourful and the monochromatic versions. Thank you for your feedback on my lesson ideas, I'll have to see what happens, but I'm sure you are right about using time on looking, that's what I would do too ;-)

    It is nothing that will be taught very soon, as I'm still studying. But ideas come and it's good to have them written down somewhere.


  16. Your pages are amazing, I've really enjoyed looking at them on your blog. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my snowdrops post. :)

  17. What fun journal pages and Art works. What inspires me? Just looking around at the beauty under my nose. I go around with a camera around my neck a lot of the time and it makes me see things I wouldn't see other wise.

  18. So where in the world have I been? I apparently didn't see this post, because I love everything about your collages, even the grid piece you weren't as fond of.

    I hope you are feeling better. I now have what you had, or maybe not. I have what Bleubeard has.

    Your smash book is turning into a great work of art. I love what you did with that place mat. It is awesome.

  19. Wow. I'm inspired by these and I love the way you worked on the menu and then did even more with it. The overlapping is something I love to do. I used to think it was a waste to cover things up but it gives greet dimension and some mystery !


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