Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tuesday B.S.

The week surely rolls around quickly,
even when not much is happening.
I am having coffee and toast for breakfast...
I saw this B.S. quote on-line
and thought it was really cute...into
the journal it goes!

A new challenge presented itself this week:
Rae Missigman's Art Mark Making 30 Day Challenge.
Found it on Instagram, and I decided to go for it.
And to keep myself in practice with the
book binding techniques, I made a little
4" x 4" journal. I got the stitched binding a 
little loose, but that will be a reminder for the
next one to make sure I tighten up the 
stitches carefully.  Painted papers collaged
on the front of the book.

I had this purple Canson paper on hand, that I'd
purchased on sale. The color may get really
old by the time I'm done with the little book,
but it will be a good exercise to work with 
a color that I don't usually use.

The prompt "Open."  The little paper square in
the upper right is a 'flower fold' that opens up.

Image above, "blurred" prompt on the 
left, "free form" prompt on the right.
When you start the challenge a week late,
and miscount the pages up to the day you
start...put two prompts on one page!

Above, the "blended" prompt...as I worked,
I was reminded that wet-in-wet isn't the only
 technique for blending color. The closely placed
 dots can be a way of blending colors too.

and the "blotted" prompt: I painted a background
on the purple paper that had one coat of white
gesso applied. Then I applied a little gesso
over the background and blotted it up with
paper towels in several areas. Next came
 the Sharpie marker drawing, and
 a little watercolor and highlighter
added to the top layer.

Linking up with the T Tuesday blog hop,
because we all need to share a beverage
and have a chat once in a while.

It's all about how you interpret your day, 
your prompts, your art, your life...


  1. I did Rae Missigman's Art Marks challenge in the Spring - wishing I had time to take part this time too but just know I can't! Love how your pages are looking! Thank you for the flower quote in my comments box! Happy T day! Hugs, Chris

  2. Oh wow I really love your handmade book and all of your art work
    Happy T Day Kathy

  3. Love the notes and doodles on your planner pages-the B S- I like that one:) Your mark making booklet and pages is just fab- I love all the vibrant colors-great job Dianne. Happy T day!

  4. Love seeing all your artwork Dianne!! Purple IS my favorite color!!! Love how it pops on your little book!! Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  5. I laughed out loud at your B.S. quote, Dianne. I totally agree!

    Love your 4 x 4 journal so far. I think you're so good at covering just the right amount of purple that you won't get tired of looking at these lovely pages.

    Miscounted - been there done that.

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  6. Lovely pages, it looks like you have had a busy week and I hope your hubby is recovering well. Your journal book is stunning and the colours you have chosen on your pages compliments the purple paper, it actually frames them beautifully and I think the vibrancy works so well with your wonderful artwork. As always I find myself in awe of your amazing drawing and painting 😀. Wishing you a Happy T Day! J 😊

  7. Its a beautiful hand made book, so colourful and wonderful art work.
    It sound like you have been so busy lately, its good to try something different when time allows.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  8. These are fun little pieces Dianne. I love you wonderful colors. You must have been exhausted to sleep for 12 hours, but I bet you felt good once you woke up. :) happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  9. OK, before I begin, there are two things. 1, your ATC is now in the hands of the PO. 2, I was going to tell you about the Art Marks. I told Deb about it, but had NO idea you knew. I saw it on another friend's blog, since I'm not on any other social media site. Yours is fabulous, and far, far more detailed than my friend's marks.

    Loved the B.S. What a fantastic quote. Of course, I simply adore your wonderful art, including the mug of hot coffee. Thanks for sharing it with us for T this Tuesday.

  10. Fantastic pages and the book is gorgeous !

  11. I like your openness to blending using different methods ;) I've never tried doing it with the dots like that, but I see the possibilities. Happy T ... ummm Wednesday!

  12. this Little purple book is awesome! and i think it has a nice size.
    happy summer:)

  13. You have a cool way of keeping a journal. It's very bright and colorful and interesting to look at. I like the little purple book, too--it kind of reminds me of the singer Prince, since purple was his signature color.


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