Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Techo Tuesday: Flowers and Food!

My computer is acting up, and it seemed
to take forever to get these photos
onto the blog. Seems to be connected to
a problem with my slow Yahoo email. sigh.

The last week or so has been busy with
my son's family visiting over the 
Fourth of July, and then a quick drive
to Tennessee ~ down in one day, 
and back the next. More than 16 hours
in the car in two days! long story...
and then some health problems flared
up for hubby. Always something...

And yes, that requires 'catching up' in my
Hobonichi after the fact! 

While our son and his family were here,
we made a short trip to Columbus, Ohio to 
tour the Anthony Thomas Candy Co.
Very fun to see the chocolate candy being
molded and boxed, and hear the tour
guide's explanations and information.
(Sorry, no photos were allowed 
during the tour!)

Then we went to Schmidt's Sausage House
 in German Village for a late lunch. 
Above, you can see the giant 
cream puffs that are available for dessert!
This is the traditional vanilla, but they've
expanded their choices to include chocolate
and several other flavors too. You can also
see the small amount of beer left in our
son's glass...wonder how the combination of
cream puff and beer tasted?!

A rare photo of my husband and I.
Our daughter-in-law is always taking
photos, and I decided to share this one.
Hubby's expression is classic: "Is this really
 necessary?! OK, I'll pretend I'm having fun."
Water was the beverage of choice for me,
and qualifies me to link up with the T Tuesday
blog hop over at Bleubeard & Elizabeth's.
Stop by for a beverage and a chat!

Edit: please let me know if you have
any difficulty viewing the photos. I 
tried a 'work around' technique, so if 
they aren't showing up for you, leave
a comment - thanks!


  1. Only the hobonichi photos are visible. Glad you had a good and interesting trip. Happy T day, hugs Valerie

  2. Thanks Valerie...will try to fix this!

  3. Photo all OK here! Love the pic of you and hubby - I recognise hubby's expression! Once again your art work is wonderful! Sounds like a loooong journey! Good to have your family there - even if they do drink beer with cream cake!!! Happy T day! Chrisx

  4. I could see the photos fine--sounds like you have been busy-the chocolate factory would have been fun to watch for sure. food looks yummy
    Happy T Day Kathy

  5. Love you pages today, I'd be more than happy with biscuits with sausage gravy too - yum! It was lovely to hear about your trip and I like the cute photo of you and your hubby 😀. I'll have to try cream puff and beer, thanks for the recommendation ...lol! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J 😊
    p.s. As you have probably guessed from my comments, the photos work for me too ...lol 😁. J x

  6. no problems viewing the pics Dianne. I still use yahoo email too and son keeps telling me to go to G mail but I've had my email addy for so long and everyone knows it...
    Love your journal pages as always with the sprinklings of drawings and ephemera. Wonderful photo of you and hubby-so nice to "see" you!Hope all is ok now with hubby's health. Happy T day!

  7. I can see five photos, Dianne, one in which is the bottom doodle. Your pages are AWESOMELY AWESOME. I love the biscuits and gravy in the iron skillet, although I doubt they were terribly heart healthy.

    LOVED the photo of you and your husband. It's a jewel and a classic, I'm sure. It was also good to put a face with a name after all these years, too.

    The cream puff looks wonderful, but your son can have the beer. I wouldn't drink it without the cream puff (grin).

    Thanks for sharing your lovely journal pages (wow, you really LOVE to doodle, don't you?) your water, and your son's cream puff (and beer) with us for T this Tuesday. So, so glad you joined us for T.

  8. A wonderful post and great journal pages, as always so much detail.
    The cream cake appealed to me, it looks delicious.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  9. So good to 'see' you Dianne!!! What a great pic of you and hubby. Thats one to treasure ! My hubby has trouble with Diverticulitis.. Nuts seem to set him off the most.....Your journals are always an inspiration.. Hugs! deb

  10. Its great to see you and the hubby. You guys look like you've had many happy years together. My husband would give me the same response, then we wonders why doesn't like how he looks in the photo. :) That cream puff looks DELICIOUS! I'm not hungry at all right now but a little bite would make me happy right now. :) Hope it was great T day! Hugs-Erika

  11. Super to see you and your hubby!
    That crean puff looks tempting and as always your art is
    just awesome! You are a real artist!
    Happy T-Day!

  12. Photos all here for me. Fabulous pic of you and the hubby! Always love your hobonichi. :)

  13. such a nice photo of you and your hubby! your journaling is great... and if you ask me: beer and Sweets are the perfect combination:))
    happy belated t-day!

  14. That is a lot of driving in two days, Dianne. It really wears you out, doesn't it? We're planning a trip that will be 12 hours day 1 and another 5 day 2. We're looking forward to the trip but not the drive!

    Love your techno journal art - as always. And the picture of you and your husband is a classic. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  15. Love the photo of the hubby and you ♥ More great art but that's what we have come to expect here :)

  16. Hi Diane, Happy belated T day, beer and cream cake sounds wrong! Glad you had a good day out. Yes the summerhouse is finally becoming somewhere I can feel at home, I have the blinds to go up now too. I wish I could make more time to sit in it, I just seem to be so busy with stuff at the moment, and the house isn't getting cleaned like it should be!
    Cazzy x


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