Tuesday, July 4, 2017

T is for Tag (or 'Flag') Book

Happy Independence Day to everyone
in the U.S.!  Celebrating with a photo of
my dear old quilted flag wall-hanging, and
patriotic cross-stitch.

Here are additional photos of Book Structures
 to share for the T-Tuesday blog hop.  I think I
have acquired a new obsession!

A flag book, which is a structure based
on the accordion fold binding.  Tags -
or flags - are adhered to the accordion
binding in alternating rows. This book was
completely inspired by the beautifully patterned
paper that had been provided by the instructor.
There were so many to choose from, it 
was hard to decide. But I do love a wonderful
black and white theme once in a while.

From scraps of the patterned paper, I cut out
some of the circles and adhered them to the
tags/flags. Alternating black and white flags
further enhanced the theme. Haven't decided
if I will add text. I am rather afraid to
'mess it up!'

Yes, that's my Santa mug with coffee.
Don't you enjoy Santa year-round?!

This is another folded structure. The way the
patterned papers are cut and woven together
creates a 'secret compartment' that makes a
nice place to add a greeting or secret journaling.

It looks more complicated than it is. The papers
I used are 'two-sided' which makes it even 
more deceiving/confusing. And enough
 time has passed that I'm not sure 
I can figure out how to do make
another. But it's really clever!

A pamphlet stitch booklet with an
envelope flap cover. The rose design was
cut from another drawing I had made and
adhered to the cover.

An envelope book.  The cover collage was
inspired by the brightly colored envelopes 
that the instructor provided.

It's an accordion book, with the openings of
the envelopes on the inside, into which I placed
brightly colored card stock tags cut into various shapes.
I especially like the profile in pink.

From the back, you can see that the book is
constructed by simply gluing the envelope
flaps to the back of the next envelope.

Stop by for T-Tuesday and see what
my blogger friends are up to.  I am
entertaining visiting family this week, so I
will probably be late visiting everyone. I am
having fun with the grandchildren
 and we're having art time together!


  1. Happy 4th of July and happy T-Day Dianne - so many fantastic art here to see!
    oxo Susi

  2. These books are fabulous Dianne. I love the bold colors you chose. I have a book on how to make these books but have never tried. I think I might need to. Bookmaking is one of my favorite forms of art. Hope you have a fabulous 4th. Hugs-Erika

  3. I created several flag books and loved them. I got lucky. I had several sheets of blank business cards. I first painted them (used inks on some), found lots of sayings, printed the sayings on both sides, then took them apart. All that was left to do was assemble the flags in the proper direction. Since I don't have your drawing skills, I would never have considered drawing on mine.

    I've also made a couple of those envelope books, but my covers never were so clever and original. And my envelopes were all of the ugly white variety, too. I really LOVE yours because of the beautiful colors.

    Having said all that, I have NEVER SEEN the woven book before. That one is beautiful and a complete mystery to me. Hard to tell what is what, because of the paper, too.

    I certainly enjoyed your wonderful Independence Day decorations, and I think you and Carol are on the same page when it comes to mugs this week. Great minds and all.

    Thanks for sharing your handmade books and your coffee with us for T this Tuesday. Do you need me to link you? I would hate for anyone to miss these lovely books.

  4. Happy Independence Day, Dianne! What a wonderful quilt flag and patriotic cross-stitch.

    Your flag book is amazing! I would be terrified to add anything, but I bet you will ... and without messing it up ;-) The secret compartment card is really clever as well. What a great class that was!

    The George Washington quote really surprised me, but I wholeheartedly agree!

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  5. Your flag wall hanging and cushion are beautiful! I am amazed by your flag book too, it is stunning and looks perfect as it is 😀. Wishing you a very Happy Independence Day and T Day! J 😊

  6. Love those fantastic books you made, wow! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  7. Ooo, I love that quilt. Wonderful. And the patriotic cross-stitch is great too.
    The books are fab. I love the black & White one. I love them all really. The envelope concertina book is such a simple idea. Great.
    Thanks for sharing your books with us.
    Happy (belated) T-Day,

  8. oh my, a post brimming with art!! not able to say which i love best. hope you had a great 4th of july and happy belated t-day to you!

  9. Oh What fun you are having! You have me getting out my Sue Roddis Decorative books book ! Belated Happy T Day


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