Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Treacle Tart Recipe

When reading the Harry Potter stories,
I wondered what exactly Treacle Tart is.
Having looked for recipes on-line, it seems
to resemble our American pecan pie ~
without the pecans.  I've never made it,
but it's on my 'bucket list.'  I understand
you can substitute Karo syrup for the 
Golden's syrup, and there also seems
to be a debate about whether or not
a bit of molasses might be included.
In the U.S., some stores may carry the
Golden's syrup in the pancake syrup aisle.

An illustrated recipe page seemed like
fun, especially for Elizabeth's
T Tuesday link party...

I prefer a smiling Mr. Potter over
the darker, more troubled expressions...

and I think that baking up a recipe is
a lot like mixing up a magic potion!


  1. I always enjoy seeing your lovely sketches. Never had treacle tart but I too thought there was molasses in it. Happy T day!

  2. WONDERFUL!! Happy T Day! I'm a big HP fan and love the sketches you've done. I love treacle pie, it's a 'British favourite'. And I would agree that it is probably like pecan pie without the pecans. Love pecans too btw. Excellent post :o)

  3. I do like an illustrated recipe and you illustrated yours so well.


  4. This was such a fun tea day post! I really enjoyed the sketches as I am both a fan of HP and Pecan Pie!

  5. you pie painting looks good enough to eat.
    Maybe it's a bit like shoo fly pie ( no nuts!)

  6. I don't remember bread crumbs going in pecan pie, but I like the sound of that pie. I would definitely add a bit of molasses for flavor.

    Love the illustrations you used. I'm one of about 10 people in the world who has never read a Harry Potter book or seen the movies. But I love what you did.

    Sorry I was late visiting. I was cleaning a drawer today (one of several) and ran across an old calendar. It seems our Oxymoron Swap was due in April, 2004. Can you believe we've known each other that long?

    Thanks for sharing your lovely drawings with us for T today.

  7. We are big Harry Potter fans at our house, and I enjoyed you illustrations. I'd always thought treacle was just what the Brits called molasses. I do learn something new every Tuesday :)

  8. We are just working our way through the Harry Potter movies! Such fun.


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