Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Techniques on Tuesday

My most often used techniques:
Drawing, painting and collage.
Above, Sharpie pen drawing from a fashion
magazine, while watching a British murder
mystery on Netflix~ "Midsomer Murders."
  Couldn't resist adding that quote to the page!
Sharpie pen, blue watercolor, phone book
pages, and magazine scraps.  Click on the
image for a larger view.

I am faithfully keeping up - barely -
with The Documented Life Project, which
has a new 'prompt' each week.  While I 
usually get one page done (the tip-in)
 for the prompt each week, often
 the pages underneath have to wait days or
weeks to get completed. Sometimes they 
follow the prompt, but sometimes not.
Above, more faces from Week 35. The
journal also includes 'planner pages' with
my activities and appointments for
that week. I decorate and doodle on 
them too, but don't usually show 
them in order to maintain privacy-
at least some semblance of it.

Above, from week 33 ~ the prompt was to 
use your 'under papers' in your art.  Which 
meant whatever type of paper you had under
the art work you were creating, that might have
 splatters, scrapes, scribbles and drips of paint, 
or ink on it. Above, deli paper, painted papers, 
watercolor,  acrylic, Sharpie & gel pens, 
with words from a food packaging carton.

Above, Week 34 prompt  of DLP was to include
 numbers on your page.  I think these collages 
ended up being more successful than 
the initial tip-in page. (using my grocery list!)

Some unfinished pages...not sure what 
more to include, but there will probably be
 quotes and doodles involved...
upper right is a vintage scrap 
from Children's Book of Knowledge, 1953,
along with decorative tape and notepad paper.

Pumpkins and Fall decorations began 
appearing around my house in the 
middle of August. My daughter thought
 it was a bit premature.

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Linking up with Elizabeth's T - Tuesday party,
and showing a 'virtual' coffee mug 
from my art journal.  Pop over 
to T-Tuesday to see what's new...

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There may be more Fall arts and crafts to come
here on the blog...what do you think?


  1. Hi Dianne, oh how thankful I am that you clarified where the quote about the murder came from! So happy to hear it was inspired by TV. How creative. And I'd order your fun pumpkin mug for my coffee if you ever market it to the masses! Happy T-day!

  2. Did you use an old phone book page for your background in the first photo/scan? Taking a page out of MY playbook (grin).

    That page using under papers made me smile. I seem to leave mine in place too long and only one area gets covered. Yours is colorful and rich with energy.

    Your number pages excited me. I love numbers, so this one was right up my alley. And those little girls were gorgeous, too.

    Of course, I think you missed your calling. You should be designing travel mugs for big name companies!

    Thanks for sharing your art, your techniques, and of course, your lovely (imaginary) travel mug with us for T this Tuesday.

  3. I am a BIG UK entertainment fan and Midsommer Murders are fabulous...your cheese quote made me laugh out loud!
    Our WETA UK channel has been featuring a super Scottish series called Case Histories on Masterpiece Mystery...great characters, scenery and writing.
    Your pages are all so rich and invite me for a closer look Dianne!
    Happy T Day

  4. you certainly get a lot of art done! That is a great sketch at the top-really wonderful lines and details. The collage work is so lovely to look at too. And I love your sweet Halloween inspired art too. Happy T day!

  5. I adore your Halloween travel mug! Your art is so amazing to look at. Thanks for sharing it, and yes, I would love to see more autumn art work....please.
    Happy T-day

  6. Such a treat to see your Halloween art starting to make it's debut! I enjoyed the quote that went along with the first collage, too!

  7. fabulous collages are this - awesome artwork - Thank you for sharing!
    Happy T-Day!

  8. Wow! you are sooooo busy! Crazy! Love to see all your work! Happy T Day! Hugs! deb

  9. I smiled at the pg inspired my Midsomer Murders, I like that show. Yes please to seeing more fall art.


  10. Your artwork is fabulous, I've come for tea but I will come back and visit again! Love Midsummer Murders too! Chris:-)

  11. I've never gotten into the Documented Life or any of those but they are fun to look at to see what other people have done with them. Really nice! I like that you can do some and come back later and add more if you want to. :Happy T-Day! :)

  12. Love that first collage!! It makes me think of a detectives notes. A page from a phone book, sketch and notes. Awesome!
    Happy Tuesday!

  13. Early or not, I like that Hallowe'en travel mug. There's beginning to be a bit of a nip in the air at night that puts me in the Autumn spirit :)

  14. What a delightful way to pass some time - perusing your fabulous art in thei post. Your work is fabulous! As a 'new to sketching' type person and a first timer joining in with 29 Faces, I am soaking up the details of all the faces I come across on peoples blogs and enjoying every minute of it. I chuckled at the cheese quote. What a way to die eh? I'm with Elizabeth on your desgining travel mugs! That halloween one is fantastic! I'm not a fan of halloween, but I would use that for sure :D
    Thank you for your comment onm painted cup :D x

  15. Hello Dianne,
    Your pages are so fun, love the variety and collage in them. You are doing so well with the DLP, I barely started and quit on week 2. Wish so much I had kept it up, I should have done just a journal of the prompts and not worried about the dates/schedule parts of it. Maybe I will try for next year.

    LOOOOVE that you get excited about Halloween/fall, I remember that from last year too. I'm right there with you!!

    Thanks for visiting and the offering of trading ATCs. That would be so awesome! Thank you for asking. I can make you one while I'm making the ones for my swap. Remember I am a slower crafter though but will get it to you by mid/end of October if that is ok.
    Here is my email so we can exchange address. rikm@adelphia.net at least we know they are staying in the state and won't take quite as long to mail.
    Wish it was closer so we could have an art day together, so fun it would be to create with you.
    The warm up is here for a few days, enjoy it. HUGS!


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