Friday, September 5, 2014

Drawing and Collage: Black and White

Documented Life Project-
Week 35: Draw (or clip a face from a magazine)
for your weekly page...

  I decided to sketch in Sharpie pen
a drawing from da Vinci's notebook.  I have an
old desk calendar with these wonderful drawings
by da Vinci, and periodically make copies for 
collage or try to sketch from them. I rarely 
capture the amazing images as well as
I'd hoped, but it's very good practice!

Week 36: Black and White

I've noticed that many participants in the
Documented Life Project are using
paints and inks for their art work...and
 the inspiration provided by the
Art to the 5th artists is wonderful.
But it's pretty much 'anything goes'
for the projects, and
 I just have to make collages sometimes!
Above: my drawings, acrylic paint,
fabric, envelope liner, scrapbook papers, 
black Sharpie pen, & white gel pen.

I encourage you to draw, cut and paste today!

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  1. This reminds me of that color swap you were in on ABC a few years ago. I didn't participate, because yours was the best and most beautiful. Who can compete with perfection? Not me. You make the BEST black and white art of anyone I know.


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