Tuesday, September 23, 2014

TABS on T Tuesday

Tabs with my morning coffee today...

I like to try finding a topic that begins with 'T' for
the T Tuesday link-up party with Elizabeth and friends.
Thought I would share TABS
 on the edges of my art journal pages.
Tabs make me happy...

Most are made from scrapbook paper or 
watercolor paper, either rectangles or circles
punched out with a circle punch. Notice I sewed a
bit of burlap for the tab on the right. It is rather
bulky, but I like how it looks.  I've also used security
envelope liners, and watercolor paper with doodles
in paint and pen to make Tabs.

There are lots of options!

The Paper Clip as a tab: above, is a counted
cross-stitch design on Aida, that was cut out, glued to
the paper clip along with backing fabric, and 
the entire piece stiffened with white glue.

Another paper clip tab, with a knotted strip of
fabric.  You can also see the purchased paper clip
to the left that has an arrow image on it. I am not sure
if I bought it in the office supply aisle, 
or in scrapbook supplies.

Above, a rather large tab covered with
fabric scraps.  I guess I just wanted to include
the entire collage on this tab...

One of my favorite tabs: a scrap of lace that
I crocheted with beads sewn onto it.  The 
bugle beads and seed beads stick out over the
edge of the page. Not a substantial tab, but
adds a nice texture!

Tabs on cards or tags inside a pocket, make the
piece easier to pull out of the pocket.

A bit of fall color is showing up in my area
of Ohio...and here's one of the many

primitive pumpkins that appear around our
house this time of year.

Linking up with Elizabeth for T Tuesday.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Wow! I love all the varieties of tags you have added to your journals. They are both beautiful and functional! Can't wait to see more pumpkins!

  2. Simply adore the tabs. This gives me SO many ideas. Really inspirational. I'll probably steal (oops, borrow) that idea, although I'm witness to some of your lovely tabs that were included in a gift I got from you last year.

    I see you are definitely preparing for Halloween with your pumpkins and taking photos of autumn as it arrives in your area. Thanks for sharing these for T this Tuesday.

  3. I have to say i LOVE you idea of using tabs in a journal!! Just love it! I WISH Fall would arrive here...but nooooo it will be 90 today...uuughhh.... Hugs! deb

  4. Inspirational post Dianne. Thank you so much for sharing all this with us !
    Happy T-Day!

  5. What a great assortment of tabs! Love 'em!
    Sweet Minnie mug. Funky pumpkin. Boy! You have lots of interesting things this week.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  6. Lovely tabs. Thanks for the inspiration, I hadn't thought of adding ribbon to a paperclip to make a pretty tab. Thanks! And Happy T Day :o)

  7. Your use of tabs adds that special finishing touch to your journals. Great!


  8. I love your jack-o-lantern, perfect to get more in this Hallowe'en mood. Tnx! :)

  9. I like your tab-Tuesday :) I really like the paperclip tabs and the crochet one :)
    Hope you had a Happy T day :)

  10. Hello Dianne, so nice to see your beautiful and fun tabs. I too try to think of T things to share on Tuesday's, great job with yours. Are these tabs on your DLP, I'm thinking so but not sure. This inspires me to try some of these, think the canvas and big fabric one are my favorite but love them all.
    Yay for pumpkins and leaves showing up outside and inside. Fall is the best!!

    I'm glad you liked the ATCs I received, so exciting to get them and the variety of styles used. We just agreed to a Christmas one, crazy I know but couldn't resist. Instead of sending them all cards like I planned they will just get my ATC instead.

    We have sun and no rain this week, cold enough for pants but not freezing like the other days.
    Take care and enjoy your day!

  11. LOVE all the different tabs you've made for your journal! Would you be willing to show us pictures of the journal pages themselves? The pages look so colorful and interesting!

  12. Krissy B. ~ if you use the Search this Blog box in the right side bar, and enter 'Smash Book' you can visit all of my previous posts featuring Smash Book pages and collage.

  13. Hey I recognize that Mona. :) You have such lovely journals to start and the wonderful tabs that you have created make them extra special.


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