Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tab Tutorial on T Tuesday

I decided to make some tabs for pages
in a journal that I am working in.  It's a
calendar and art journal in one book, called
watercolor pages that I used to cut the tabs from.
The page with the light wash was used to
 write labels for the months of the year.  The page
with the doodles is what I cut the tabs from.
I painted the doodles on 90 lb. watercolor paper,
and added details with the Sharpie pen.

In order for you be able to see the shapes, 
I traced around the template on the back of the paper,
and then cut them out with scissors.
You can either trace the shape with the tops together
(as on the left) and then fold and glue, or
 trace two separate tabs and glue to the page
right sides facing out.

The cut tab shapes, above.  The months of the year
were written on the plain paper to be more legible,
trimmed closely to the text, and glued to the tab.

I like the abstract feeling of the doodle background.

Another idea is to just use a circle punch to cut out
circles, and use them for tabs.

I reinforced the page by gluing scraps of 
decorative paper to the edge before
gluing the tab down. I used Tacky glue.

Example of the round tab, above.

Showing the first three tabs applied to the pages.

A watercolor of my back door.  Yes,
I have ice skates as a door decoration
instead of a wreath.  Maybe if I remove
them it would warm up outside?  The arctic
blast is back today...

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Enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee today,
and to those in the way of the winter storm ~
stay warm!


  1. Thanks for the great tab tutorial. I'm working on something I want to add tabs to so this was timely. I just happened to post about chai today as well. Must be something in the air :-)


  2. Oh, your tabs are so pretty and creative! Thanks for showing how you made them...this is yet another idea that I will need to "borrow" from you. :) Happy T Day!

  3. Such a great idea Dianne! Love the uniqueness of the tabs.
    Happy Tuesday!

  4. So many people I visit have started this Document Your Life project. I loved the tutorial, and may try something similar in my Journal 52. Of course, I have no doodling skills, so I would have to use other media (grin).

    Thanks for sharing this and your back door, too. Hope it warms a bit for you soon. I know it's cold here today.

  5. Awesome TDL tab tips. Thanks for sharing them.

    Since I'm doing TDL and journal 52, I tend to keep the J52 more artsy and TDL more of a journal, adding the prompts but writing more in it. I'm enjoying both.

    Your journal pages are fantastic.
    Thanks for the earlier visit and sharing your tips.

  6. Thanks for sharing your tab tutorial--they add such a nice bit of color to the top of the pages.

    Vanilla Chai is my favorite as a special treat. Happy T Day!

  7. I really like the round tabs. I printed out the same ones you have and made some using Gelli prints but I don't like them. I do like the round idea! Love your door.

  8. Your lovely and original tabs are very enticing ... like magnets to visit your beautiful pages

    Hope you had a Happy T Day

  9. The tabs are beautiful and very unique. they will really add to your project

  10. What a gorgeous watercolour to cut up there. Great tabs and great journals.
    Happy Belated T Day!

  11. Those are really cute tabs!! And you are a talented sketcher. Lovely drawings. But maybe you should take the skates down--LOL! ;)
    Happy belated T-Day!

  12. Very pretty....love the backgrounds for the tabs!


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